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  The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority in Boston certainly is a historic transit agency. It has been around since 1897, when a short length of subway was opened downtown. Originally known as the Boston Elevated Railway, then the Metropolitan Transit Authority, before finally acquiring its present name, the "T" has progressed from running streetcars to operating a large network of trolleys, subways, buses, commuter rail, and even commuter boats. The area served by the MBTA extends far beyond the Boston city limits. Currently, many upgrades are being added as part of the ongoing "Big Dig" city construction project, including a new bus line that has its own tunnels and stations. Also, many of the ancient subway stations are being rebuilt to meet modern standards.
Modeling the MBTA has always been difficult. Correct models of MBTA equipment are seldom made, and the prototypes are mostly unique among other transit agencies. Though my MBTA model collection is small, I am constantly researching possibilities so that someday, when I have the time and money, I can add to my fleet. I intend to share my findings and suggestions here, along with prototype photographs and information.

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