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Great Northern

Great Northern

  The Great Northern, with its majestic orange-and-green livery, was a very prominent railroad in the northern Midwest until being consolidated into the Burlington Northern. The luxurious Empire Builder was a counterpart to the Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited.  


  Left Right Description Date Drawn  
  F7A 11/11/00  
  F7B 11/11/00  
  60-seat Coach 11/11/00  
  Budd Dome Coach 11/11/00  
  Ranch Coffee Shop 11/11/00  
  Dining Car 11/11/00  
  7-4-3-1 Sleeper 11/11/00  
  6-5-2 Sleeper 11/11/00  
  Budd Dome Lounge 11/11/00  
  6-4-1 Lounge-Observation 11/11/00