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Prototype Photos

  This section of my site has never been as much of a resource as I would like it to be, but now that I have a digital camera, at least taking photographs of local equipment is easier. In addition to that growing collection of images, I'm also gradually scanning miscellaneous MBTA photographs from over the years.
My MBTA model collection is still somewhat lacking - mainly because each project I've planned would require lots of conversion work - but I want to at least post my ideas here so that maybe someone with more time could try them. Since I've lived in Boston all my life, I've had plenty of time to observe the equipment on each of the transit lines and think of how to model it.

Note: Only the Red Line, Orange Line, and Commuter Rail Bombardier Cars pages have been posted so far. The remaining ones will follow as I gather together my photographs and make sure they're in my current format.


Rapid Transit

  Red Line  
  Orange Line  
  Green Line  
  Blue Line  

Commuter Rail

  F40PH-type Locomotives  
  GP40MC Locomotives  
  Bombardier Cars  
  Messerschmitt Cars  
  Kawasaki Cars