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Index of Offline Terminal, Industrial, Freight & Military Railroads of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx & Manhattan

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authored by
Philip M. Goldstein and Paul F. Strubeck
and with co-authors: Thomas Flagg, Joseph Roborecky and others.


These websites pertain to various transportation histories for the New York City and New York State areas;
with some adjoining interstate connections (i.e. New Jersey and Pennsylvania).

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New York City Metropolitan Area:
Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal - East River Terminal Railroad
& Palmers Dock; A Comprehensive History: 1870 - 1983
Industrial & Offline Terminal Railroads, Pier Stations & Inland Freight Terminals of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx & Manhattan
Military Railroads of the New York / New Jersey Metropolitan AreaRailroad Operated Pier Stations & Inland Freight Stations of Manhattan

Development of the Carfloat Transfer Bridge in New York HarborComprehensive List of Float Bridges in New York Harbor
Glossary of Definitions Indicative to Rail / Marine Terminal Operations
in the New York Harbor Area
Double Ended Wreckers of the New York Metropolitan Area
Toll Scrip, Tokens and Ephemera
from the States of New York and New Jersey

Upstate New York / Catskill Mountain Region:
Erie Railroad Class L1 - Angus Type 0-8-8-0 Camelback Locomotives
Rosters, Information and Data for Defunct Railroads located in 
lster, Delaware, Greene, Schoharie Counties of New York
Comprehensive Equipment Rosters for the Delaware & Ulster Railroad
and Catskill Mountain Railroad

General Interest:
Flickr - Phil's Phantastic PherroequinologyRailroad Picture Archives - Philip M. Goldstein
YouTube - BEDT14 - Philip M. Goldstein



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