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UP 4184  Uintah, UT  

UP 4184

Streaming into the morning sun with a mixed freight in tow.

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    Well, I got a late start on Saturday morning and as a result probably missed a few trains of the earlier trains, but hey what can I say. However the day turned out to be very good as far as trains go. My basic plan was to follow an eastbound train from Ogden catching them 2 to 3 times at various locations and then waiting for the next train in the line-up and follow them for a few more stops, effectively making my way toward Echo, UT catching the trains at the various locations and stops as I went. By the afternoon I would turn around and following the westbounds back in the same fashion. The goal here was to fill out some of the station locations that I didn't have covered on my Evanston Sub page.

    First train out of the box from Ogden was the UP 4184. I caught it in Uintah, where I had set up for the first catch.

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