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Union Pacific's Lyndyll Subdivision Page; Jericho Segment: Faust, UT to Strong, UT  

Union Pacific's Lyndyll Subdivision
Jericho Segment: Faust, UT to Strong, UT
Updated 11-27-2003 Current Picture Count = 07

        Certainly this segment of the subdivision is the most desolate and remote. Only one gas station exists that I am aware of (in Lyndyll) and there isn't another town along this stretch of track or road with more than 10 lizards in it or a few coyotes. But the scenery...oh the scenery. The areas around Lofgreen, Tintic, and Jericho are some of the best kept secrets in western US railroading. Grades, cuts, fills, curves, it's all here. This is the best segment of the Lyndyll Sub, IMHO. With decent access to many of the locations and stations, this area can be very fulfilling for a few days of railfanning. You should plan to stay in Delta, UT (just a few miles south of Strong) as a base of operations for exploring this part of the Lyndyll Sub. You can then go north or south and also work the Clear Lake Segment. Good luck and enjoy.

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Faust...None Yet

Pehrson...None Yet

Lofgreen...None Yet

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Tintic...None Yet

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UP 3997  Jericho, UTUP 4810  Jericho, UT*


UP 4967  Champlin, UT


UP 4012  Lynndyl, UTUP 4170  Lynndyl, UTUP 9744  Lyndyll, UT


UP 9498  Strongl, UT

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