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Badgerland S Gaugers 591 crossing
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#584, 591, 592, 592A, 600


592 shown

DIMENSIONS: 10"L x 5.5"W x 3.5"H (8" H w/mast up)
ACTIVATION: Button, track trip, block detect
COMPOSITION: Cast aluminum base typically green and white with tin guard shack over gate solenoid

INTERFACE REQUIRED: Close gate by pressing single crossing gate button, using auto block detect with train present, or using track pressure switch #697 so passing train closes switch from weight activating gate.

ACTION PERFORMED: Crossing gate drops down stopping vehicle cross traffic. Pedestrian crossing gate simultaneously closes preventing people from crossing. Light under base illuminates when activated and simulates lantern on cross arm being lit when in down position.

584: (?) Wide base without pedestrian arm, with automobile and crossbuck
591: (1946-1948) Wide base without pedestrian arm, with automobile  and shed
592: (1949-1950)Wide base with short pedestrian arm and shed
592A: (1951-1953) Narrow base with shed
600: (1954-1956) Narrow base with shed

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