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Badgerland S Gaugers American Flyer Classic Show Module
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This classic layout maintained by Ron is an example of one of the most colorful and entertaining layouts at most main shows. This multiple award winning layout attracts children as well as adults by the dual train operation high-balling at typical American Flyer speeds. At a siding a story unfolds as a man in a boxcar unloads parcels, logs are cut and loaded, logs are dumped, lumber is cut and loaded, and Gabe the lamplighter keeps going up and down to make the floodlights do what they do best! Sam signals the train with his semaphore but the engineer has different ideas. Around the layout catch a glimpse of many things that are moving or representing a storyline. Batman and Elvis on the same street? Where's Clark Kent when you need a good story captured. Too late, he's taken to the air already. Steve Irwin is in a new scene added this summer. Hobos are cooking a meal while a house is on fire, and some kids are swinging in a playground. Apparently Ann Margaret feels a little uncomfortable in the pink Caddy while Elvis is getting a ticket.

Check out the new addition from an old line of locomotives originated by AC Gilbert. It was a Casey Jones and now due to the demands of a small space is a brand new 0-4-0 sporting a very short gondola to fit within the boundaries given it. 

Bring the kids by and let them be a Badgerland member for the day, sticker badge and all. As an honorary member they get to ask what ever question they like and we will try to answer to the best of our ability.

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