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Canterbury Railway Society - Membership

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Becoming a Society Member

The Canterbury Railway Society welcomes membership enquiries from persons interested in the work of the Society. Society members receive benefits that include:

  • "Branch Lines" newsletter, published 11 times annually.
  • Free entrance to Ferrymead Heritage Park and free rides on operating days.

The Society relies on its members to:

  • Do almost everything that the Society does! Apart from work that has been carried out by contract, either off or on site, the Society's members are responsible for most of the development of the Ferrymead Railway to date, from a bare embankment in 1964 to the currently established railway and its various facilities.

Specific regular requirements that the Society has from its members include:

  • Restoring and maintaining the Society's locomotives, rolling stock, track and equipment. There is something for everyone here, due to the range of different equipment and systems in use at the Ferrymead site.
  • Operating the Ferrymead Railway on running days. Currently, trains are run each Sunday and on public holidays as arranged. From three to seven staff are required on each running day.
  • Administering the Society. The Society is run by an Executive of 13 members elected by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive in turn appoint members from within themselves or outside themselves to administer the various activities and functions of the Society. Operations of the Ferrymead Railway are overseen by a subcommittee of the Society whose members are appointed by the Executive to ensure that the Railway operates in compliance with statutory requirements.

The Society charges a yearly membership fee of $35 for Full membership and $20 for Junior membership. A reduction in the Full membership fee may be available on request. To receive a membership application form, please contact the Society.



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