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Canterbury Railway Society - Contact & Visitor Information

Canterbury Railway Society Inc

Contact & Visitor Information

Contacting the Society


P O Box 13 039
New Zealand


Colin Dash
(03) 358 8215


(03) 384 9918
Please note: this number is only answered on work and operating days. Use this number only to contact a specific person on the Ferrymead Railway site or to enquire about a specific Ferrymead Railway activity occurring on the day you are calling. Use one of the other contact methods for general enquiries.


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Visiting the Ferrymead Railway

The Ferrymead Railway is located within the Ferrymead Heritage Park in south-east Christchurch. The Railway is currently accessible as follows:

  • General viewing: during the normal opening hours of the Park. Access is limited to display areas and items that are stored outside. Contact the Park for opening hours and charges.

  • Operating days: The Railway currently operates for the public on Sundays and public holidays and at other times as arranged (subject to availability). The operating hours are the normal hours that the Park is open. To see the current list of operating days, go to the Events page.

  • Work days: Work parties are usually held at the site each Saturday, each Thursday, and Wednesday evenings, and at other times as required. Areas of the Railway not normally available to the public may be accessible during work days. Such access is subject to staff discretion and statutory regulations governing public safety.

The Railway may also be opened or operated on request for tour parties or for charter by outside organisations. Please contact the Society to discuss your requirements.

Overseas Visitors

The best time to experience railway preservation in NZ is between Labour Weekend and Easter. Many groups close down or restrict their operations during the NZ winter months when outdoor activities are less popular.

The Ferrymead Railway normally operates additional days over the Christmas / New Year period and during the Easter holiday weekend. During the warmer months trains operate each Sunday. Over the winter period this reduces to twice per month or no services at all depending on the work schedule. The Railway may use the winter period to close down completely for maintenance.

How To Get There

Ferrymead Heritage Park is located between the suburbs of Ferrymead, on the way to Sumner, and Heathcote, en route to Lyttelton, approximately 7 km from Cathedral Square. The public entrance is now on Truscotts Road near its intersection with Ferrymead Park Drive.

Public transport options include the following:

  • Taxi. The fare from the central city is approximately $15 (enquire from your driver or taxi company as to the actual fare to be charged).
  • Public Bus. Redbus operates a daily service to Sumner that passes the intersection of Ferry Road and Bridle Path Road. Catch Bus No. 30, 31 or 32 from the central city to "Ferrymead Bridge". Walk down Bridle Path Road to its intersection with Ferrymead Park Drive then walk down Ferrymead Park Drive to the Park entrance in Truscotts Road. Fare and timetable information for No. 30/31/32 buses is available from BusInfo ph (03) 366 8855 or Environment Canterbury.

For details of opening days, hours and entrance charges to Ferrymead Historic Park, contact the Park office.



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