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Last edited 24Apr2005 Whole new update. The intent of this webpage is to bring together groups and websites either within or about NWP area railroads. I personally support getting the railroad running again. Railroads are the most fuel efficient method of transportation, thus reducing polltuion. Another thing is you don't need oil to make rubber tires for railroads, which is another source of pollution for the enviroment which most people don't consider. Although locomotives run on diesel, they can also run on Biodiesel. They also could be run on electricty, from overhead lines. These in turn can be supplied by photovoltaic(solar), wind, biomass, or microhydro. One railroad car can handle 2.5 truck loads. With creative thinking and money, this railroad can run again.

One problem is the soil is mainly clay, which is slipperly. OK, so why not make it in to pottery, roofing tiles, medicine, and bricks? There is trash, biomass, and cows that can be turned in to oil(existing process) and shipped out or used locally.

Northern Division North of Willits

Real(1:1 Scale) or Ride on

My A&MR Photos.

Alton & Pacific(closed train ride)

Confusion Hill Train Ride

Timber Hertitage Museum and Excursion Train


BT&L Garden Railway - My Parents & I

Eel River Valley Model Railroad Home Page Ferndale, CA

Greater Humboldt Bay Garden Railroad Society

Humboldt Bay & Eureka HO Club

Other Garden size railways

Southern Division, Willits & South of Willits

Real(1:1Scale) or Ride on

California Northern Railroad, unofficial

California Western Railroad (Skunk Train) Willits to Fort Bragg

Marin County Railroad Timeline

Napa Valley Wine Train

Petaluma Trolley

Redwood Empire Live Steamers Intergrated Museum (Formerly Santa Rosa Live Steamers)

Redwood Empire Railroad History Project Mendocino County Museum Willits, CA

Roots of Motive Power, Willits

Schellville, Dan's Rail Pix

Sonoma Marin Rail Transit (SMART)

Sonoma State University - A bibliography of resources in the University Library and on the Internet of North Bay Railroads

Sonoma Traintown Train Ride


Redwood Empire Garden Railway Society

All of NWP/Misc.

Real(1:1Scale) or Ride on

Dan's Railpix Wig wag NWP Page

Marnell's NWP Page

North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) current owner of NWP right of way

Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society, Santa Rosa

NWPRRfan, Yahoo group


National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) Redwood Empire Division

Search links NWP RR

The Model Train Magazine Index NPC RR

The Model Train Magazine Index NWP RR

My NWP photos