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3002c&o Chesapeake & Ohio #3002...
Not to be confused with my Chessie C&O #3022, this is my model of C&O #3002.  The numbers are close, but if you set them side by side, there is no way to get them confused.

I set about making a B&O GP30 from the undecorated Spectum kit, only to discover a problem, the kit is a Phase II car body.  For Chessie, that means C&O units #3002-3047.  For me, since mine is a powered unit, I was looking at the even numbers in that series.  Since I had already done #3022 in Chessie paint, I wanted a C&O GP30 in blue paint.  However, there was another problem.

The decal sheet of B&O/C&O blue unit lettering I had did not include the typical C&O GP30 paint job.   The C&O GP30's were delivered in a "Demibold" scheme that did not have the large block letters on the long hood.  They had "Chesapeake and Ohio" spelled out along the long hood in block letters.  The units had yellow noses and tails with yellow sills.  Many units carried this scheme into the Chessie Era.  See photo below for clarity.  So, what to do????

Further research showed that several of the C&O GP30's were repainted into the block C&O paint job that was standard on all other units in the 60's and 70's.  #3023 was the first one I found, but it was odd numbered.  The trick now was to find an even one in the right paint job.

On George Elwood's Fallen Flags site I found a pic of #3002 in the all blue big C&O scheme.  Alas!  I had a unit to do now.  So, my old plan to do B&O #6900 got put on the back burner until I get a new P2K Phase I GP30, and #3002 project was born.

#3002 was part of the only order of C&O GP30's that would include #3000-3001 as Phase I car bodies and #3002-3047 as Phase II car bodies.  #3002 was actually received as part of a C&O trade in of 14 BL-2's.  It was delivered in the "Demibold" scheme but got repainted for an unknown reason before the Chessie Era.  #3002 was painted into Chessie colors some time before Aug 1979.  It was later modified to GP30M on Sep 17, 1981 and served CSX as #4202.  #3002/4202 was retired by CSX on June 23, 1984.

Check my Spectum GP30 page for a "how to" article on the #3002.  If you want to make #3002 in Chessie colors it received its Chessie paint in 1979.  Check out my Proto 2000 GP30 for a Chessie painted GP30.

Below is a pic of the real #3002 in its block paint job.  Also a photo of sister unit #3003 as an example of the as delivered "Demibold" scheme.

                                                                 George Elwood Photo                                        Dean Heacock photo

Below are pics of #3002 in Chessie colors and in ragged Chessie paint with a CSX number.

                                                        Dean Heacock photo                                                        Dean Heacock Photo

Below is a pic of the Spectrum GP30 out of the box.

Below are two pics of the finished 3002.  To see how I made it check out the Spectrum GP30 on the tips page, or use the link above.