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3044cs-c&o Chessie System C&O GP30 #3022...
The Chessie System inherited quite a few GP30's from the C&O.  Most of these units got repainted into Chessie paint.  #3022 was in an order of 48 GP30's (#3000-30047) purchased in 1963.  For more information on this class and the kits available for GP30's see my Proto 2000 GP30 or Spectrum GP30 pages.  As for the other GP30's in this order, I know that #3003, 3005, 3013 were wrecked in 1975.  #3042 was wrecked in 1979 and #3045 and 3047 were wrecked in 1965.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real #3022.  This unit was delivered in C&O blue and painted into this scheme sometime between 1972 and 1986.  I don't have any better information than that.  It was later renumbered #4099.  Notice in the pic below that the "CSXT" initals have been placed where the "C&O" initials originally were.  This was common in the early days of CSX.  The pic on the right is not considered a Chessie picture since it is in the CSX era and a CSX number.  This unit was retired, but then CSX brought it out of retirement and converted it into a road slug in 1990 and wears the number 2309 today.


Below is a starting pic of #3022.  This is how it looks in the box from the C&O Historical Society.

Below is the finished locomotive, ready to run.  If you want to see how I finished this locomotive click on the Proto 2000 GP30 link above.