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cvdhoppers Covered Hoppers...
Next to hoppers and boxcars, covered hoppers were the most plentiful type of Chessie car on the East End.  Covered hoppers are used to transport goods that need to be out of the elements like grain, sand, cement, etc.  Chessie had large ones with 3, 4 or even 6 bays for less dense materials.  They had 2 and short 3 bay ones for more dense materials.  Predecessor paint schemes were gray with black lettering.  Chessie paint was yellow with blue markings.

Click below for pics of my models.  

Accurail Covered Hoppers          (17 pictures)    HC-24, HC-24A, HC-38, HC-47
Athearn Covered Hoppers           (12 pictures)    HC-27, HC-27A, HC-40, HC-29
Athearn/Bev-Bel Covered Hoppers   (2 pictures)     HC-27, HC-38
Atlas Covered Hoppers             (15 pictures)    HC-7, HC-13, HC-20, HC-29A, HC-36
Bowser Covered Hoppers            (2 pictures)     HC-35
Eastern Car Works Covered Hoppers (3 picture)      HC-3, HC-8, HC-37
Front Range Covered Hoppers       (16 pictures)    HC-41, HC-44
Intermountain Covered Hoppers     (8 pictures)     HC-32, HC-43
Ramax Covered Hopper              (1 picture)      HC-44
Robin Rails Covered Hopper        (1 picture)      HC-9
Roundhouse Covered Hoppers        (5 pictures)     HC-7, HC-36

Walthers Covered Hoppers          (8 pictures)     HC-8, HC-16, HC-26, HC-39