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hoppers Hoppers...
Hoppers are the most plentiful type of car on Chessie.  You can run trains of nothing but hoppers and be prototypically correct.  These "Unit" trains as they are called make up between 10 and 20% of trains on the East End.  West Virginia coal mines were the primary source of coal for major eastern cities in the 1970's and 80's.  This coal got there by running over the East End.  A typical Chessie coal train would have several different sized hoppers, each size being seen in either the predecessor or Chessie paint.  Bowser makes the best 100 ton hopper and Stewert makes an excellent 70 ton hopper.  Below are links to pics of my hoppers.
Also, there are several pics of hoppers with the plastic "hopper topper" on them.  These are very characteristic of Chessie.  Only Chessie and Conrail had them that I know of.  Conrails were white, so the yellow ones scream Chessie.  These cars were used to quickly increase the number of covered hoppers that Chessie had during the fall harvest.
Finally, there is a pic of a XXX "moonshine" hopper.  These older hoppers were restricted to just their home rails.  The large XXX was painted to let the crews know not to interchange these cars with another railroad.  Hoppers in the predecessor paint jobs and Chessie paint could be seen with the XXX.  Use a pic to do one correctly.  They also had yellow ends.

Athearn Hoppers:        (6 pictures)          H-5, H-11, H-13, H-20, H-29A, H-?
Atlas Hoppers:          (9 picture)           H-6, H-20, H-21, H-29
Bowser Hoppers:         (28 pictures)         H-43, H-47, H-48, H-48 B
Roundhouse Hopper:      (2 pictures)          H-23, H-38
Stewart Hoppers:        (13 pictures)         H-25, H-52, H-55, H-71
Walthers Hopper:        (1 picture)           H-61