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Updated 28/6/24


Links-Magazines & Society Meetings

The following magazines include CRC meetings in their lists of forthcoming society events -

The Railway Magazine

Steam Railway

Rail News

The Railway Herald

The following societies also publish articles and hold meetings that feature foreign railways -

Locomotive Club of Great Britain

The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society

The Marlow and District Railway Society

Haywoods Permanent Way meet regularly in Stafford                           

The Stephenson Locomotive Society

The French Railways Society (formerly SNCF Society)

The following links may also be useful - provides a comprehensive directory of railway related websites. is a charity supporting homeless children forced to live on railway premises throughout the world.

Travel companies who offer railway holidays -

The following companies offer tours in India using private trains -


Any organisation that wishes to be included in the list or wanting a specific meeting listed is invited to send details to


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