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 S Scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock

By Craig S. O'Connell

Changes last made on

June 16, 2009.

James Roberts's new BTS 0-6-0 spots a car at the Helmsburg Feed Store on the way to the IC paint shop at Paduca. The car is from the collection of the late Ed Shumacher.



S Helper Service The S Helper Service Showcase Line - One of the largest manufacturers of S gauge rolling stock. Excellent quality and detailing. Check their extensive website for more information and request a catalog.

NEWS as of June, 2009: Don Thompson reports that he finally has the images for the next run of reefers. He expects these in August.
He also informed us that SHS has sold out of the 01918 C&O #3 rebuilt boxcar and are limited on the 01919 C&O #4.

789985-02043-1 DL&W #1 7000
789985-02044-8 DL&W #2 7032
789985-02045-5 Eatmor Cranberries NWX 14021
789985-02050-9 Prima Special URTC 19511




The F7 Phase 1 A & B Units in 7 paint schemes: A or B to A-B-B-A sets; DCC available


  1. 01000 Pacific Fruit Express #1 "double herald"
  2. 01001 Pacific Fruit Express #2 "double herald"
  3. 01006 NRCC Banana Car
  4. 01007 URTC 92132 Schlitz Beer Car
  5. 01017 Century Beer Car
  6. 01015 Fruit Growers Express #1 "double deck"
  7. 01016 Fruit Growers Express #2 "double deck"
  1. 01010 Canadian National #1
  2. 01011 Canadian National #2
  3. 01012 Seaboard Air Line "Orange Blossum Special"
  4. 01013 Seaboard Air Line "Silver Meteor"
  5. 01014 AT&SF "The Super Chief"
The Extended Vision Cabooses by SHS

Click on the thumbnails above to see the larger images.


SW-1 roadnames available....

Chessie, LV, C&NW, B&M, Seaboard all sold out.

Click on the thumbnails above to see the larger images....all photos by Bob Werre.

Get their FULL COLOR S HELPER SERVICE CATALOG for only $3.00 (fully refundable with your first order):
CALL 1-800-465-0303
OR use the SHS On Line Request Form.

Trailer On Flatcar

To contact SHS by e-mail Click Here.

Standard Flatcar from S Helper Service

The 3 bay PS-2 from S Helper Service


Ballston Locomotive Works-- NEW ADDRESS - as of July 3, 2008.

Ballston Loco Works / Mel Nielsen
Box 2048
Wilton, NY 12831
[518] 584-1090
"We are continuing to offer our 4-4-2 camelbacks in many road names, in addition to B&O President class Pacifics with long distance Vanderbilt tenders, as well as other American Flyer based engines. We also offer restored Circus sets, reproduction circus cardboard tent sets, and add-on circus cars such as the giraffe car and searchlight cars. Special run for the 2008 NASG convention is a B&M Pacific with streamlined tender and red, white and black billboard tender lettering - can motor and electronic e-unit. Thx Mel Nielsen"


Smokey Mountain Model Works - Jim King makes Sn2 trucks and some S standard freight cars.


6160 Upper Straits Blvd.
West Bloomfield, MI 48324.
Phone/Fax: (248) 366-9621.
E-mail Jim Kindraka at:

The River Raisin web site has been updated. (6/11/07) There are now photos posted of all six SP Harriman Mikes planned as well as the three SP F5 2-10-2's. Also a couple of Shark photos and the latest on the Milwaukee Road ribbed side cabooses. You can print the order forms for the SP 2-8-2 and 2-10-2 project and/or the Milwaukee Road cabooses directly from the web site.


No caboose on any railroad was more identifiable with the railroad that built them than the Milwaukee Road’s  “rib-siders”.  The road’s welded, rib-sided construction built by the craftsmen of the Milwaukee Shops, proved to be lighter yet stronger than the more typical construction methods. Between 1939 and 1951, Milwaukee built 315 bay-window, rib-sided cabooses. Seven different varieties of the “rib-siders” were built over the years with modifications and improvements added to the design.  River Raisin will be building two of the versions that operated during the entire time period these cabooses ran. The cabooses lasted longer than the railroad did.
River Raisin will be importing these models for delivery in mid 2007. The models will be available in either the original or 1949 versions and also with scale or hi-rail wheels and couplers.

Original Version with Milwaukee Road designed passenger-type straight frame trucks used on cabooses #01800-01924. This version will be lettered with the original "Milwaukee Road" lettering. Also available in the modernized paint scheme.
1949 Modernized Version with drop center type trucks used on cabooses #02015-02064 and smaller bay window cabooses. This version will be painted with the modern Milwaukee rhomboid logo. Also available in the original paint scheme.

Going Fast...Limited Quantities Available (January, 2007) Budd-built "Zephyr" train set:

- The 3 unit "Pioneer Zephyr" as built (and on display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry)

- The 4 unit #9900 Zephyr as operated after June of 1938 and on into the late 1960's.

- The 3 unit "Flying Yankee" as built in 1935 (and currently being refurbished)

A popular misconception is that the "Flying Yankee" and "Pioneer Zephyr" are identical. They are not! The two 3 unit train sets are completely different in window configuration and will be correctly executed by our builder. Close enough is NOT good enough at RRM...

Models feature all correct details, nickel silver plating, DCC ready, complete interiors and interior lighting and several other features. The 4 car version includes car #500, the correct Budd-built dinette/ 24 seat coach delivered in 1938.

Former Projects Of River Raisin Models:


The following pics by Bob Werre show just some of the products made in S Scale by River Raisin Models.
Click on the thumbnails to see the larger pix. Hit your browser's "BACK" button to return to this page.



Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc. -

Under consideration are 44 and 70 ton locomotives. Jim King writes ... " I have several freight car projects in the pipeline so the engines will be a while but they will be worth the wait." (April 2007)

Southern Railway lowside gondola in S. (October, 2006)

Jim King of Smoky Mountain Model Works is releaseing the first of a planned line of kits in S scale. Not only that, but he switched from O scale to S for his personal modeling! The car was originally released in HO for the Southern Railway Historical Society, you can link to photos and a history on the historical society web site here:

Here's what Jim writes (October/2006): Target retail price is $60 which includes trucks (Andrews or Betts, depending on era), Kadee couplers and ALPS decals. Kits will be offered less t&c for $54. 2 decal versions will be offered: RR Roman (1945-early 60s era) and Block font (1958 to early 90s in MW service). Kits will include all of the details and a steel weight needed to complete it. Now is the time to start sending paid reservations my way. 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your order ($27 or $30, depending on kit option). Check/money order to be payable to SMMW, Inc. Use my email address to pay using Paypal. Visa and MC also accepted.When your order is ready to ship, you will be notified for the balance plus $6 per order for shipping. Photos of the prototype cars can be provided upon request. Three very popular prototypes will be produced ollowing the SR gon, the1st of those 3 should be out before Christmas ... too early to announce that one .. y'all will have to hold your collective breaths!

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.
35 Springwood Drive
Asheville, NC 28805

American Models 10087 Colonial Industrial Drive, South Lyon, MI 48178; PHONE # IS 248 -437 6800, FAX IS 810-437-9454.

Largest manufacturer of S gauge products including code .148 flextrack, Amtrak Superliner set, lighted passenger car fleets, diesel locomotives, rolling stock and lots more.


NEW! (as of August 8, 2005) AMERICAN MODELS INTRODUCES A DETAILED 4-8-4 NORTHERN First come..... First served. AMERICAN MODELS NEW 4-8-4 NORTHERN The largest 4-8-4 prototype ever built, Sante Fe's war time 2900's First time ever modeled in S scale, in development almost 3 years! 23 inches long / Die cast /Engine weight over 4 lbs. - Total weight over 6 lbs. DC versions with smoke & choo choo sound (Scale or Hi Rail)=$369.95. AC Flyer with smoke & choo choo sound (runs Flyer curve track) =$399.95 AC Flyer with smoke & choo choo sound, electronic whistle and bell = $449.95

Die cast boiler, frame, wheel centers, pilot, cab trucks, tender and trucks, metal wire details, headlight, powerful 5 pole motor.
Smoke (with on/off switch), choo choo chug sound with 2 chug per revolution mechanical piston drive unit (twice the speed of the old flyer for realism), all 16 tender wheels are flanged and pick up electrical current.
Fully compatible with AF 20" radius track.
Limited production run, Prepurchase advised.
Will also be offered in Rock Island's Oil Burning 5100's (5110 & 5115) and
Lehigh Valley and The Burlington Route which will be available with 6 wheel coal tender.
The incorporation of detailed Die Cast construction, wire handrails, more realistic prototypical mechanical chug, on/off smoke, electronic bell and whistle, 5 pole motor with AM's rugged drive system, added details like brakes and jeweled marker lamps, all demonstrate contemporary technologies.  The design goal was to incorporate the new available technologies and greater detail to blend with engines designed and manufactured years ago.
Consequently, the ultimate challenge of designing the largest and most detailed Northern with a sixteen all wheel pick up tender to run on 20 inch radius AF type curve track while maintaining as much prototypical detail was addressed. This Locomotive is totally compatible with American Flyer (R) track and will bring detailed "BIG STEAM POWER" with realism and sound to your layout scale or High Rail. The limited lifetime warranty completes the greatest offer ever made for a new "S" Gauge Steam engine.
Expected delivery January 2006.  
Limited production run, Prepurchase advised.



We have decided to lower our steam engine prices to allow everyone to enjoy these engines.  Most of the tooling is now paid for and seems only fair to pass along some savings for that second engine, or to S gaugers on a budget. (All set prices are unchanged).

PRR K4s and Milwaukee Road engines offered.  (We have excess stock on these engines and need room for newer products).

Santa Fe F7 engine sets:

About the only difference between these chrome engines and our past chrome engines in appearance is that under certain reflection of light the mirror finish shows minute polishing marks of the steel mold, these are almost unnoticeable. Our molds were polished for a painting finish which always fills in polishing marks (chrome exposes everything).  So if anyone is concerned we can exchange these for painted silver engines which we have available in AC Flyer or scale engines.

These Santa Fe engines are shipped with our new "flex coil" power trucks.  And "DX" style grab iron sets with windshield wipers are available separately for $10... (These are decorated and built in our shop in Michigan).


Budd Passenger cars --

The trucks are fully sprung and work as the real ones are, and come in an attractive clam shell vinyl packaging.  AM has incorporated insulated axle 36" wheel-sets which provide for all wheel electrical pick up and the elimination of the pick up springs, (and eliminate any light flickering). These go for $25 a pair. This is because of the assembly expense and materials being die cast and tough engineering plastic with real springs installed, and the special wheel sets and wires screwed into the side-frames will be standard.   Their usual passenger car couplers can be easily installed on these. AM will also have the interiors to sell for kit bashing into their other passenger cars for about $6 each.  (Also AM offers more sitting figures that will go great with these interiors).

The Budd cars are a scale 74 feet long which is about 1 inch longer than the American Flyer passenger cars are.


The E8s

NYC,  Empire State Express: on the web site now is information on it as well as a "click through" to the a NYC site with many pictures of the train.  Click below AM site for information:

         This is the only steam engine (we know of) with polished corrugated stainless steel to matched the passenger cars built by the Budd Company. The train was specifically styled by Henry Dreyfuss and was truly spectacular, making daylight runs from New York City to Cleveland and Detroit beginning in December of 1941.  Although all tooling is finished  Ron is expecting delivery in late July or early August, 2001.

Other items AM has are the following freight cars now in stock most with 4 numbers available.

1103  St. Louis Southwestern 40' box  with the blue lightning bolt and lots of white printing.
1134  Erie Lackawanna 40' box, gray car with maroon printing.
3264  Missouri Pacific 2 bay offset coal hoppers.  
3406  Peabody 4 bay offset hoppers, yellow with black and red coal flame.
3258  B&O 2 bay offset coal hoppers, with Capitol herald.
3204  Erie 2 bay coal hoppers with yellow herald.
3256  NYC 2 bay offset coal hoppers.

They also have some Pullman green heavyweight passenger sets with no Pennsylvania printed on them. Pullman only in large letters on the letter board and car numbers.

Sound Car introduced as a 50' boxcar....This is a 2 speaker unit and has all 8 wheels picking up power. Featuring Diesel horn, bell and idle and step up power sound...AC hi-rail only. $139.95.  

American Models sound car shown in Amtrak paint scheme.


Other products:

Amtrak Superliner Diner by American Models


Dealers Who Carry American Models Products

Pacific Rail Shops


Des Plaines Hobbies - S Scale America

S Scale America USRA gondola. Photo courtesy of Bob Werre.


S Scale America carries S scale decals and a line of brass S scale motive power and rolling stock from Overland, River Raisin, Sunset, Southwind, Omnicon and more.

Ronald & Susan Sebastian
Des Plaines Hobbies - S Scale America
1468 Lee Street
Des Plaines, IL 60018
1-800-264-1956 fax:847-297-4976


Hoquat Hobbies - distributor of S scale products by many companies including S Helper Service and American Models.

Elizabeth Station Toy Trains - Where S-Gauge Isn't a Dirty Word! A very friendly S gauge store, owned and operated by NASG member Chris Burger, having a large S-Gauge display. According to Chris, "Everyone that comes in is surprised at our S displays and inventory."

Elizabeth Station Toy Trains, LLC
1205 East Third St.
Dayton, Ohio

Kaslo Shops - rolling stock kits.

Cryer Gray Foundry 5 new hopper cars in S scale- 50 ton twin bay steel offset-side hopper cars, 5 end styles, all brass construction, highly detailed, riced as low as $155.90. Roadnames: C&O, NKP, Erie and more...

The Cryer Gray Foundry
4351 Valley Forge, Dr.
Fairview Pk., OH 44126
Phone: 440-356-2652

K-LINE to offer S gauge trains. From their 2003 Catalog preview. For photos CLICK HERE


K511-001 Ford S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-002 Timken S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-003 New Haven S Gauge Boxcar NEW19.95
K511-004 MKT S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-005 Great Northern S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-006 ATSF S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-007 New York Central S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-008 D&RGW S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-009 B&O S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-010 L&N S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-011 Missouri Pacific Eagle S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-012 PRR S Gauge Boxcar NEW 19.95
K511-013 Pennsylvania Salt S Gauge Tank Car NEW 19.95
K511-014 Hooker S Gauge Tank Car NEW 19.95
K511-015 Texaco Fire Chief S Gauge Tank Car NEW 19.95
K511-016 Citgo S Gauge Tank Car NEW 19.95

Railmaster Exports NEW WEBSITE

Early American Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives from D&RG, F&CC, RGS, WP&Y. S Scale Vehicle Range from Ford Model A trucks, sedans to Firetrucks, vintage GM & motorcycles. Figures raw and painted.     BoxCab and EndCab Diesel Critters. Alco and GM in S Scale..

Effective 9/2000...Railmaster Exports will tailor-make Loco kitsets for Baldwin Catalog S-16/18C 4-4-0 and 8-22D 2-6-0 classes, to your RR's individual needs. Any style and any period from 1874 until 1934. JUSK ASK!

29 Pupuke Road, Birkenhead, Auckland 1310, New Zealand
E-mail to
- - Fax 64-9-419 1995
Manufacturers; Doreen & John Agnew; Phone 64 9 419 1994

Southwind Models This company makes brass products in S scale.

Art Ferguson's Southwind Models Southern Pacific cabforward 4-8-8-2.

Ye Olde Huff N Puff - S scale freight car kits: boxcars, reefers and 50 foot express reefers.


Standard Railway Castings Co. Standard Railway Castings Company is an S-scale-only manufacturer and vendor of freight car kits and detail parts for the prototype modeler, emphasizing the steam and transition eras. Our products will be manufactured with the highest fidelity, utilizing the most appropriate manufacturing process and material. It is also our intent to work closely with existing S manufacturers to build upon work that they have done in order to expand availability of the wide variety of freight car components that the prototype used, as shown by some of our projects, illustrated in the links below. It is our hope that our very customers will also join in our efforts, by building the pattern work for that unique car that their favorite road depended on to move America's products.


Scenery Unlimited ;
7236 W. Madison Street
Forest Park, IL 60130
phone (708) 366-7763


Thousands of S products in stock. Owner Don Heimburger also publishes the "S Gaugian" magazine, available from the same address.




Putt Trains/REX models; P O Box 463, Orwell, OH 44076. Producing the S scale and hirail Rex steam locomotives. Offering the Rex Mogul & 0-6-0 switcher in both RTR & Kit forms & AC Hirail, DC Hirail & Scale.

Putt/Rex Trains
P.O. Box 463
Orwell, OH. 44076
440-437-8660 (Terry Putt)


Funaro & Camerlengo - S scale kits available (January, 2006):

• S-210 "S" Scale New York Central 40'Nine Panel Gondola Kit With Decals
• S-211 "S" Scale New York Central Despatch Shops Covered Hopper With Decals
• S-212 "S" Scale ERIE White (Black Car) Dunmore Shops Covered Hopper
• S-213 "S" Scale ERIE-LACKAWANNA White (Spelled Out) (Boxcar Red Car) Dunmore Shops Covered Hopper
• S-214 "S" Scale Conrail White (Boxcar Red Car) Dunmore Shops Covered Hopper
• S-215 "S" Scale E-L Black (Letters Only) (Grey Car) Dunmore Shops Covered Hopper
• S-216 "S" Scale ERIE-LACKAWANNA Black (Spelled Out) (Grey Car) Dunmore Shops Covered Hopper
• S-217 "S" Scale Conrail Black (Grey Car) Dunmore Shops Covered Hopper
• S-218 "S" Scale Pennsylvania "GR" Composite Gondola Kit With Decals (Shown)

Funaro & Camerlengo
10 Funaro Court
Honesdale, PA 18431
Phone (570) 224-4989

A tip o' the hat to Keith B. Thompson for his help in providing this information.


  Backwoods Miniatures - NEW WEBSITE New Mac AC Railbus in S scale standard gauge.

B. T. S.-- Bill's Train Shop

Depressed Center Flat Car - #09209 - $ 59.95 In Stock! (April 2007). Coming soon S Scale transformer load.

From BTS ...EMD BL2

Craftsman Car Kits

Scale Steam Locomotive Kits

Greenbrier RR Models

Standard Gauge Diesels

Standard Gauge Electrics


  Aztec Manufacturing Track Cleaning Car....S-Helper PS2 hopper TS1100-S $84.95 ea

These cars use a roller which is similar to the material in the Bright Boy track cleaning blocks. The roller is slightly skewed to the rails, which produces a scrubbing action. The S scale units come mounted in a modified SHS covered hopper. Like all SHS products they come American Flyer compatible with the code 110 wheels. If you want to use code 110 with KD802 couplers, fine, purchase the KD-802s and change out the wheels.

Rem's Railroad Models - new freight cars in S standard and Sn3.

Standard Gauge Kits ( l-r) 40' Double Sheathed Box; 40' Flat; 40' Outside Braced Box. (left) Excursion Gondola.


S Scale Loco And Supply Steam Locomotive Parts; lost wax brass parts and kits for S scale. A complete S Scale Mogul is almost available in kit or ready-to-run.

S Scale Locomotive & Supply


Port Lines Hobby Supplies - Doug Peck--Specialists in:


Lehigh Valley Models--Now under new ownership:

K&P Brick & Building Co. / Phil Kehr
308 Indian Rock Dam Rd.
York, Pa. 17403
717 747 0493


Veteran S scaler Frank Titman no longer produces this fine line of craftsmanlike S structure and rolling stock kits.


Steam Depot 2038 Center Street, Ashland, PA 17921; phone: (570) 875-4205; fax: (570) 875-2016-- Large supplier of thousands of S gauge products, often at discount prices. Catalog is $3.00 and well worth it! Steam Depot is one of the best kept secrets in S gauge model railroading. Inquire about their new GE 44 tonner!


Pennsy S Models--NEW WEBSITE!...PRR X-29 boxcars. BRASS rolling stock.

P.O. Box 5252
Deptford N.J. 08096

Craig Stair's American Models Erie Lackawana GP35 passing through town on the layout of the Trinity Express S Scalers of Dallas TX.

MMT - Rusti / Downs -- tank cars -- new ownership --
MMT Model Railroad
311 South Broad Street
Lititz, PA 17543
717 627-3980
There is a catalog available for $3.00. The catalog also lists the line of ACE trucks and AF bolster conversion parts.
Central Hobby Supply - They produced a resin kit for a NYC gondola and
a covered hopper in 1992-3 in HO and S. They are now doing a B&O M-53 wagon top boxcar in HO only. Point is, they are going to consider rerunning the NYC cars again late this year and MAYBE doing the B&O M-53 in S.
Tell everyone you know in S about this. Let us drop them letters, faxes or phone calls
giving them our support for S cars.
Central Hobby Supply
102 Walter Drive
Syracuse, NY 13206
phone 315 437-6630
fax 315 437-3281


Pacific Rail Shops;
P.O. Box 867
Coos Bay, OR 97420-0201.
(541) 267-6664


Northwest Short Line-NWSL--offers precision miniature 12v. DC motors suitable for S scale locomotives or other powered units. For further info & product listing send $1.00 for handling or $8.00 for a full catalog to:

Box 423
Seattle, WA 98111-0423
Phone: (206) 932-1087; Fax: (206) 935-7106.


The Colorado S Scale Connection--an exclusively S and Sn3 Hobby Shop with a catalog mail order business. This is an excellent glossy well-stocked catalog supplier.

The Colorado S-Scale Connection
250 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

W.A. Drake & Co. - Suppliers of S scale brass rolling stock including 6,000 and 8,000 single, double and triple dome tank cars.

W.A. Drake & Co.
P.O. Box 801
Johnstown, CO 80534
Phone: (970) 535-4601
Fax: (970) 535-4251


Caboose Hobbies-- carries lots of brass, some on consignment, mostly HO scale but you can find some "S" scale pieces as well.
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