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 S Scale Structures & Scenery

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Buildings & Structures
Scenic Materials & Detail Parts

By Craig S. O'Connell

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January 3, 2014.


The station pictured above was built from a kit from Bill's Train Shop by Marcia Harrison, who took first place in the amateur division at the 2002 NASG National Convention. This is a model of Green Springs, OH on the Nickel Plate Road mainline.
Click on the thumbnails above to see the larger images.

Buildings and Structures



Rusty Stumps - Walt Gillespie makes laser-etched brick and concrete block that are the best I've seen in 1:64 scale. And he makes laser-cut stairways, freight doors, windows, etc. that are meticulously-crafted and easy to use.

A tip 'o the hat to March Charles for telling us about this site.

Patch Farm Toys - specializing in 1/64 Ertl Farm Country playsets, animals, buildings, accessories and people figurines with a little bit of diecast thrown in the mix.

Plasticville Kits For Sale

Model Tech Studios - S scale kits and details.

Wild West Scale Model Builders - laser cut wood structures in S scale.

Branchline Trains - Laser cut lineside structures and houses in S scale.

Creative Laser Design - Laser cut kits in S scale.

Grand River Models - "Grand River Models produces quality kits for modelers in S-scale."

Barry Silverthorn
Grand River Models
519-865-6502 (mobile)

Phone: 519-865-6502 (mobile)


Forest City Welding - Release date: October 7, 2009

Forest City Welding is a wood-sided garage featuring laser-cut walls, corrugated roofing material and resin details. The doors can be modeled open or closed. The painted sign on the front is a waterslide decal made specially for this kit, which is pre-aged with built-in weathering effects. Other details include 10 laser-cut wooden shipping pallets, lightshade and a sheet of printed signs. The kit comes with six pages of assembly instructions with helpful modeling and painting tips. The building's footprint is 5" X 9". Only 100 kits will be produced. Price:
$49.95 plus shipping.

Forest City Welding pictured above.


Middleton & Sons Warehouse and Transfer - release date: August 23, 2008.

Middleton & Sons Warehouse and Transfer is a typical North American industrial building from the turn of the century. The rail siding is long enough to accomodate two boxcars. The windows and doors are laser-cut wood and you can model them open or closed. The footprint of the scene is approximately 27" X 27", but it can be worked into a space as narrow as18".

This kit features incredible brick detail unmatched by any S-scale kit offered!

A boilerhouse, smokestack and machine shop will be available as accessory kits in late-2008.

Cast-resin walls and sidewalks.
Cast-resin forklift, chimney, skylights, elevator house, fire hydrants.
Laser-cut dock, windows and doors
Laser-cut billboard, water tank, rooftop stairway, crates, skids, cable reels, road crossing, crossbucks, derail, wheelstops and fencing
A sheet of printed signs, as well as brass lampshades and corrugated metal roofing
Figures, vehicle and scenery material not included.

Middleton & Sons Warehouse and Transfer
$375 plus $25 shipping and insurance.
Release date: August 23rd, 2008.
Available online at Grand River Models



Greg's Grocery was the first release from Grand River Models. The kit features cast-resin walls and sidewalks, and includes a chimney, vent, skylight, sign, fire hydrant, barber pole, streetlight and downspouts. The stairway, breezeway, fruit stand, crates, skids, park bench, and fencing are laser cut wood. A sheet of printed signs is included, as well as brass lampshades and stripwood for building a wall-mounted billboard. 250 kits will be offered. Greg's Grocery will be available in January and can be ordered online at

Due out in February, 2008.

The storefront is typical of many commercial structures built between the1880's and 1920's across North America. The barbershop next door is designed to look as though it was built as an addition to the main building. These types of storefronts can be found in both cities and small towns, so the structure is suitable for just about any locale and any era,
on any S-scale layout.
Greg's Grocery will be available February 7th, and can be ordered online for $119.95 plus shipping at


Imagine That - Two new urban laser kit structures in S Scale: S Albany Crown Towers ($329.00) and Lion's Head S Scale ($159.00).

Mount Blue Model Co. - new structures, some in S Scale.

Creative Laser Design, Inc.

Creative Laser Design, Inc.
514 Leroux Road
Lyndonville, Vt.
(802) 626-9254

These kits are now available in S scale:

New England Barns
CLD-S-002 $43.95

Vern’s Repair
CLD-S-003 $43.95

CLD-S-004 $34.95

Motor Car Shed
CLD-S-005 $15.95

If you see one of our buildings you like & want it in S scale, let us know.


Model Tech Studios - Model Tech Studios LLC PO Box 1497 No. Hampton, NH 03962 / telephone: 603.964.5995 E-mail: James Bester

Just released --- the first series of our new scratchbuilding or lasercutting wood line with masonry sheets for building s scale structures like stone, stucco, aged concrete and coming next brick and concrete block. This line fills many of the scale material gaps such as the variety of Masonry surfaces, weathred/aged materials for the layout builder to work easily with. Many sheets are 24”L x 6” W and retail for $12.99 ( as of 1/19/09 ... please check with the company for any changes before ordering.) We are continuing to expand the line over the next year(s) to address 1 piece roofing and more. All sheets are “GENUINE 3D” Wood sheets with great architectural detail.
Free samples are available with a SASE w/ 3 stamps forwarded to us at the above address.


Kor Models - formerly Korber Models. It is not clear at this time whether they will be carrying any of the Korber HO model structures, many of which worked perfectly in S scale.

Ragg's...To Riches? - new laser cut craftsmen kits in S Scale:

The Randolph Depot (located on the Kennebec Central RR), and if you've ever seen photos of it, the best way to describe it is "charming". It's a neat little Victorian depot with just the right amount of "gingerbread", an 8-sided tower, and an eyecatching 6-foot tall weathervane. The kit includes the prototype's 2-seater outhouse. Even though the depot is from a 2-foot prototype, it's a great station for any shortline. The kit includes a 33-page, spiral bound instruction manual with 54-photos, and sells for $145, postpaid to the US and Canada.

The Sanders Water Tank -- an enclosed water tank located north of Phillips, Maine, on the Sandy River and Rangeley Lake Railroad. The EARLY version of the tank has tapered sides and a vented cupola. The LATE version of the tank has straight sides and a smoke pipe. Two versions. Each version sells for $45.

Ragg's...To Riches?
499 Davis Hill Road
Middlebury Center, PA 16935 USA
Phone: (570) 376-2025


T M L Laser Models - NEW -structure kits in S Scale ... coming sooooon!

Fos Scale Limited Model Railroad Structures - The "Vanishing Tiger Magic Shop"

Precision laser cut walls, doors and windows, NorthEastern stripwood and scale lumber. Also includes: laser cut shingles and sidewalks as well as vintage color signage, authentic magician posters and detailed assembly and weathering instructions. Footprint: 2.5" x 4.5" LIMITED RUN - 75 KITS

Pine Canyon Scale Models S Scale Kits-CLICK HERE

Copper's Donut Drive-in Kit, S-scale 1/64
From their website: "Copper's Donut Drive-in is the latest addition to our Route 66 series of S-scale kits.  The prototype for our donut drive-in was built in 1950 as part of the now-defunct Big Donut Drive-In chain.  At least five of the Big Donuts survive today.  The big donut on the roof is 22 feet in diameter.Our donut drive-in has a footprint of 6-3/4 inches front-to-back by 3-3/4 inches wide.  Over the eves is 4-3/16 inches wide.  The height to the top of the donut is 6-1/4 inches. This donut drive-in features one walk-up window in the front and two drive-up windows (one on each side).  Also included is full interior details for the front sales area, new roof vent and a new trash can.  All details shown are included in the kit, except the figures (people) not included.  The roof has gravel detail cast right into place.  For easy location of details, locator footprints have been provided in the gravel.  The holes for the plumbing vents and donut supports are pre-drilled. Copper's Donut Drive-in is a great place to park all those extra police cars you have collected.  Your law enforcement friends will really get a kick out of it. Produced in high quality polyurethane resin for easy construction. To recommended glue for this kit. Copper's Donut Drive-in Kit #640,  Price $79".(as of October, 2006)

Firehouse - Canyon County Firehouse - an S scale limited edition.

Toxic Terminal
Created from Back Alley #2,  Toxic Terminal was designed to build a complete structure that can be arranged in many ways. Footprint 15 x 6-1/8 x 6 inches high.  Add 2 inches for the water tower that can be placed anywhere on the roof.  The included loading dock will add 1-1/2 inch to the depth. All details shown are included in this kit, such as loading dock, 2 clumps of 55 gallon drums, water tower, 6 vent turbines, 2 heat vents, 2 electric meters, rain drains, wooden ladders, 2 access stairs, junk detail casting and full color signs.They recommend their Woodsy Stains for grout lines and wood finish on this kit. Toxic Terminal #376S,  MSRP $89.

Back Alley Kit #2 now available

Back Alley Kit #2 - $99.00. (The Factory/Warehouse) is a modular system that can be arranged in many ways, for a factory/warehouse wall totaling over 29 inches long.  Made from high quality polyurethane resin with separate injection molded plastic masonry windows.  Very rustic brick pattern with bricks in true 1/64 scale.  Designed to compliment Back Alley Kit #1.
Made to fit between the backdrop and back track, or wherever you desire.  All structures will fit in a 3 inch space.  The included loading docks will add 1-1/2 inch to the depth. The tall wall is 11-1/4 inches long and 9 inches high.  The short wall is 18-1/2 inches long and 6 inches high.  This kit will build a back alley over 29 inches long.  There are over 3 pounds of parts in this kit.  An 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheet of nostalgic signs and posters are included.


Back Alley Kit #1 - $94.00. Steam Era Industrial Back Alley kit is a modular system that can be arranged in many ways, for a wall totaling 29 inches long.  Additional expansion panels will be available soon.  Made from high quality polyurethane resin with separate plastic window castings. Made to fit between the backdrop and back track, or wherever you desire.  All structures will fit in a 3 inch space.  Add 1-1/2 inch depth if you use the optional loading dock kit available soon.  The optional loading dock will raise the entire alley up to deck height for a scale boxcar with top of the rail being level with the street.  The tallest structure is 8 inches high. 
Footprints for Back Alley Number 1:
The first 3 panels can make 3 walls 4-1/4 inches long each, or one wall 14-1/2 inches long as shown in the photos.
The second wall is 5-1/2 inches and the third wall is 9-1/2 inches long.  Side walls are included for each main wall so you can have small alleys or streets between the buildings.  This kit will build a back alley over 29 inches long when tied together as shown in this photo. 

S Scale gas station (May, 2003) - Compatible with S-scale model railroads, Johnny Lightning, Hotwheels and many other die-cast cars.  This 1950's Spanish Style Gas Station Kit #320S is the first in their new Highway 66 series of 1:64 scale structure kits.  They used the General Scale 1:64 S-scale for their dimensions.  Everything is scaled to true S-scale.  According to their website they say they "realize Johnny Lightning cars are just a bit small." (They got that right!)  "Most Mint Editions and Road Champs cars are correct S-scale." (Right again!)  $79.

Pine Canyon's S scale cafe:


The Dump Kit #370S, Price $44

This is a photo of one of the four dumps offered in The Dump Kit.

Pine Canyon also sells a number of detailed S SCALE PARTS.including roof turbines, roof vents, electric meters, trash cans, drain collection boxes, 55 gallon drums, propane tank, piles of boxes, workbench, soda machine kits and a gas station detail pack among others.

GCLaser Innovations S Scale Structures:

B. T. S.-- Bill's Train Shop - A MUST STOP for any S scale modeler! Bill Wade is constantly coming out with new products so take a good look through his site. Makers of BTS Structure's Craftsman Kits & Old Pullman S Scale Trackwork; S scale products supplier including Hartoy trucks.
I've built some of the BTS structures and I can tell you that they are well made with excellent directions.

Fully laser cut loading dock... #07506...S Scale....$24.95

Houses (7/03)- The 2nd Street Series will feature at least five different houses common all across the U.S.A. First up is 110 2nd St.

#110 Second Street - New series of private homes perfect for any small
town for at least the last 100 years...

McCabe Fire Hose Storage and Water Tank - Next piece of the McCabe
Lumber series includes six hose storage sheds and a watertank, useful in
many industrial settings....

Cable Reels - Another One-Niter kit....

Engine House - BTS has both single-stall and two-stall engine houses in stock.

Other BTS Offerings:

#08105-L Cabin Creek Coal Tipple, S Scale $429.95

#08105-SE Cabin Creek Coal Tipple, S, Silver Edition (Sound) $579.95 - SORRY FOLKS ... THIS ITEM WAS SOLD OUT YEARS AGO!

For photos and more information,

And if your layout is too small for the tipple, take a look at the first of the New River Yard series, the MOW Shed. Based upon an AT&SF prototype, this small shed is typical of the general storage buildings that every railroad needs. We are cutting this kit now, and shipping should start in about a week.

#07501 MOW Shed, S Scale $34.95

For photos and more information,

Branchline Trains - as of (9/18/06) their website shows that they offer only one S scale item, #562 Flag Stop Station . However more structures by this company are shown on the PortLines website.

Vintage Lagoon - This NEW manufacturer notes the following: "S SCALE is currently only available through our Ebay sales.
Any S scale items we currently have available will be listed on Ebay under seller ID: vintagelagoon.


"Models Are Not In Stock - Models are made to order.  Allow a minimum of 20 business days construction & shipping time after order confirmation. We promise to keep you well informed throughout the entire construction & shipping process.   Please read the MODEL INFO page for construction techniques and building materials BEFORE placing an order."

River Dam Model Works - Cleaves Machine Shop, Itchy's Crab Shack and Rural Post Office all now available in S scale.

Fos Scale Limited - New "The Vanishing Tiger Magic Shop" kit #S1. Kit features precision laser cut walls, doors and windows, NorthEastern stripwood and scale lumber. Also includes: laser cut shingles and sidewalks as well as vintage color signage, authentic magician posters and detailed assembly and weathering instructions. Footprint: 2.5" x 4.5"
$68 + $6 Shipping U.S. - International Orders Please Inquire


The New England Scene - "purveyors of distinctively typical New England structures." Coming (7/06) in S Scale "The Hilton Store."

One Sixty Fourth - Modern trackside structures.

R & L Miniature Marketplace source for model vehicles, buildings, signs and accessories, featuring products from Berkshire Valley, AmeriTowne, Twin Whistle, and DSL, to name a few.

Mullet River Model Works - four new stucture kits made with Laser cut plywood construction. Kits include (as of 2/28/06) NYC Watchman's Shanty, Soo Line standard outhouse, NYC & StL Standard Out House and Lumber Big Wheel.

GRANVILLEBUILDINGS     S scale buildings, made of resin with wood accessories, comes unassembled. All are limited edition pieces. Will be putting a full line of S scale buildings out for you layout! E-mail Joe Douglas, call him or visit his E-bay store.


( 804 ) 350-0516

Dr. Ben's - The CountryStore & Post Office.

Micro Tech Scale Models - S scale structures including small depot, boiler house, speeder shed, western style saloon and The Hazel Belle Mine. They also produce some S scale detail parts including shingles, doors and windows.

Turner Model Works NEW home of FinestKind Mdl's line of S scale structures, details and models.

A.L. Zelkin Supply Co.- posted 6/14/06

Offering two NEW "S" structure kits: (6/14/06)

First is Kit #3029ND, A. L. Zelkin Supply Co.
A two and a half story stone foundation building with aged clapboard siding and a board and batten garage.
This kit will include:
Laser Cut Aged Clapboard Main Structure
Laser Cut Board and Batten Garage
Laser Cut Freight/Garage Doors
Resin Cast Shingle Roofs
Resin Cast Stone Foundation
Resin Cast Freight Dock
Resin and Metal Cast Details
Plastic Windows & Front Door
Cast Resin Outhouse
Cast Resin Loading Dock
Size: 6" Deep x 5.5" Wide
First run will be limited to 25 numbered kits or the number of pre-orders (which ever is greater)! A re-run is not for certain at this time.
We are taking pre-orders through the end of the Narrow Gauge Convention August, 26th.
Pre-order Deposit of $25 will hold you a model and gets you free shipping (U.S. only) when the kit is ready.
This kit will be direct sale only and is priced at $89.99.
The second kit is The Section House, Kit # 3019
This is a small Section House for storing a hand car, velocipede or motor car and tools.
Can be gauged for HO/Sn42, Sn3, Sn2 and anywhere in between.
This kit includes:
Resin Cast Shingle Roof
Resin Cast Wood Base
Resin Cast Tool Box
Resin and Metal Cast Details
Cast Resin Outhouse
Cast Resin Doors
Windows Cast in place
Building: 2" Deep x 4" Wide
Base: 4" Deep x 6" Wide
First run will be limited to 25 numbered kits and a re-run is not for certain at this time.
We are taking pre-orders through August 15th.
Pre-order Deposit of $20 will hold you a model and gets you free shipping (U.S. only) when the kit is ready.
The kit is priced at $39.99

Turner Model Works
P.O. Box 923
Athens, TN 37371-0923
Phone: (423) 462-2228

The New England Scene coming in S Scale ... distinctively New England style structures.

KingMill Enterprises - NEW Boone Depot (BD-S) $95.00. Made in the USA. Boone Depot model kit includes:
• Laser cut walls, roof, windows, doors & platform
• Tar paper roof
• White-metal chimney
• Detailed Instructions Download PDF (664 kb)
S Scale Kit dimensions: 6.975 " x 20"

Boone Depot was located at the eastern terminus of the Linville River Railway in Boone North Carolina. Depot construction began on May 20, 1919 by a local builder Hodges & Wyke and was completed sometime after July 10th of the same year. The building initially served as a rail passenger and freight station and later as both a rail and bus station. The great flood of 1940 brought destruction to the Linville River Railway and the Boone depot was sold to H.W. Wilcox for use as a warehouse until its removal in 1968 by the state of North Carolina. This a limited run kit and only 50 will be produced!


Clever Models - art crafted, computer precision card model structures.

What makes these unique is that Thom Miecznikowski uses his background as a special effects artist and a huge library of photographic resources to create computer precision and photo real kits that are fun to build. According to Tom, "People who see the built kits at hobby shows have consistently reached out to touch them not believing that they are paper. They also want to know what the inside structure is but its all paper. While we aren't currently laser cutting the kits, the photo finish of the kits seem to be a welcome trade off."

The kits are easy to build and the cutting that the hobbyist is required to do is not very challenging. The company also offers 32 (currently with more to come) self stick texture sheets of things like tar paper, brick, clapboard, steel sheets, corrugated metal and such.

Their Jefferson Ice Co. is one such S scale cardstock structure that caught my eye. See photos at: It is also very affordable at $15.00 (as of 5-13-05)

Freestone Model Accessories - Jerry Freestone controls the Prototype range of SuperQuick Model card kits and the retailing of the Model Yard range, and retails Metcalfe's and other kits as well. In the UK write to Jerry at:

Ragg' Riches Laser-cut craftsman kits, some in S Scale.

Ragg's.. To Riches
RD 2, Box 102C
Middlebury Center, PA 16935 / Phone:   (570) 376-2025 / E-mail:


Trainstuff LLC - going out of business (May 2007)

Warehouse walls, 4 stories with Grandt Line windows (or without). New 4 and 5 story factory walls, building facades and detail parts as well.


New S Scale Downtown Hotel by Trainstuff, LLC. NEW! #4011S - $29.95
Livingstone Towers NEW! #4009S - $25.95



#4002S - $12.95
"Tippee's Canoe Shack" - This is a great project for those new to resin kits. EASY assembly!



Grandt-Line Products, Inc.--offers doors, windows and assorted building parts in S scale. Write to:

Grandt-Line Products, Inc.
1040 Shary Ct.
Concord, CA 94518

Often times Grandt Line doors and windows are included in S Scale building kits. This is the case with some of the Twin Whistle Co. structures that Doug Peck is offering through Port Lines Hobbies.
Some "S" modelers use Grandt Line doors when kitbashing a model from HO or building a structure from scratch.
Grandt Line does have a good selection of doors and windows in different sizes and styles. They are made of plastic and are easy to work with based on my own experience.

Plasticville - from Tandem Associates

Westport Model Works--Cardstock Backdrops in S gauge. I have ten of these.


SuperQuick Model Kits--makers of OO gauge European card models, close in size to S gauge building kits, tab & slot style of construction. All of the printing (art work) is usually first class on the card models.

There are 33 SuperQuick kits of which 3 are effectively double kits. The ordinary kit retails at £ 4.19, so about $6 now.(as of 8/27/04) They are mainly smaller out buildings, station platforms and the like. They also have a few larger structures and 6 packs of building papers (brick, stone, tile, etc.) The building papers have always been in packs of 6 sheets; there has nearly always been a choice of 13 packs of these papers. NOTE the new address below:

Superquick Model Kits
PEMS Butler Limited
The Red House
Devon EX13 5SE
 United Kingdom


Mountaineer Precision Products - new S scale structures including houses, barns, sheds, out buildings and railroad structures. Two new S scale stations will be marketed under the name of Allegheny Models. The footprint on the smaller one is 20'-0" x 50'-0" and the larger one is 20'-0" x 72'-9".

Andy Lester
Mountaineer Precision Products
6166 Ridgewood Court
Florence, KY 41042-9715

Pre Size Model Specialties - makes tunnel portals, bridge piers, walls and culverts in S scale, made of odorless urethane.

Tom Yorke is venturing into S scale kits.

Offering Pool Hall Bordelo and Angel's Nest Cemetery in S scale.
Thomas A. Yorke Design Studio
P.O. Box 88927
Dunwoody, GA 30356

Black Bear Construction Co., Inc. produces jigs and supply kits for all kinds of wood bridges in all major scales including S. They also sell fractional inch basswood, hardwood dowels, bridge & trestle ties, scale basswood and architectural modeling wood.

P.O. Box 26911
Austin, TX 78755-0911
phone 512-467-8400, FAX 512-458-8765
Email: Mike Barrett

Best of Show Model Builders New WEBSITE - Services Include:

Building Your Dust-Gathering Model Kits--Our Misson
Structure Scratch-Building--Our Favorite
Figure Painting
Weathering .... and more.....


NASG Armco Steel Structure

Light gray styrene &endash; ready to paint. Features built-in alignment tabs for ease of assembly and gluing. Similar to Pike Stuff HO buildings. Building Size 16' x 28' x 9-1/2'  (model footprint is 3" x 5-1/4"). Kit Pricing: $20.00 for a single kit, $18.00 each when you buy two or more. Plus Shipping. Must be an NASG member to purchase.

Kit contains:

This is the NASG Armco Steel Building that sells for $20 apiece for members/$18 for two or more. The photos above show how Bob LaRiviere assembled and finished the kit. He added many of the details including the workbench and acetylene canister which he created. The corrugated door, in the raised position in these photos, was also Bob's creation. Photos were taken on Bill Fuhrman's hirail layout.


Bar Mills Scale Models - Laser Cut Modular any structure. I have several of their Billboards in HO. They look great atop S scale buildings. Also releasing a new structure in S scale - the "Swanson's Lunch Stand" for $37.95. Kit includes structure with complete interior framing and appliances, fencing, metal details, signs and a billboard. Sold direct only!

Bar Mills Scale Model Works
P.O. Box 609
Bar Mills, Maine 04004
or call 207-655-7074
8:30 AM 'til 4:30 PM EST Mon-Friday
Billboards from Barmills as featured on my home layout.

I love this one.
Cick on this one above to see the large pic.

Track Side Patterns & Graphics. - produces patterns for buildings, including in S. Will also produce a pattern from photos, andcustom build from his own patterns. - new one sixty fourth scale trackside structures.

DSL Shops--S Scale building products. S scale product offerings have changed. The Dime Store will become a front-only kit. Halsted Hobbies, the Pershing Bakery, the Drug Store, the Berwyn Bungalow, and Al's Auto Body are all discontinued.

Steam Depot - IS JACK STILL IN BUSINESS???? Was at: 2038 Center Street, Ashland, PA 17921; phone: (570) 875-4205; fax: (570) 875-2016-- Large supplier of thousands of S gauge products, often at discount prices. Catalog is $3.00 and well worth it!

Scenery Unlimited ;
7236 W. Madison Street
Forest Park, IL 60130
phone (708) 366-7763

Thousands of S products in stock. Owner Don Heimburger also publishes the "S Gaugian" magazine, available from the same address.

Model Tech, Inc., 7289 Westfield Rd., Medina, OH 44256, 800-264-9845 or 330-887-5588. Laser cut architectural models and architectural detail parts including the #301 S Scale Interlocking Tower for $79.95 now available in kit form. This kit is based on the Erie/EL Sterling Tower near Rittman, OH. I hear that it is a beauty! Here is a picture of the prototype. This company also produces an assortment of shingles and roll roofing materials, the Newton Falls freight/passenger station, a covered bridge, the B&O standard freight and passenger station, a freight wagon, a section tool house and grade crossings - all in S scale!

B&O station
Covered bridge
Newton Falls station
Section tool house


Banta Modelworks--NEW WEBSITE!-- The latest offerings include the WSL Co. Powder House Water Tank; a Rio Grande Southern (RGS) structure from Old Ophir called "The House at the Trestle", (a small dwelling with an angled front door); the RGS "Mrs. Skillians store" and the RGS "General Merchandise" store (both laser cut).
To continue their West Side Lumber series will be the Crumbine Oil facility, some logging camp cars, and a warehouse from camp Reynolds.
The structures are primarily cast in urethane, however in some cases such as the water tanks wood is used for the legs and white metal parts are included for the hardware.
Another new release is their "Dino Bones." "Dino Bones" is an archeological site or dig showing exposed dinosaur bones. It is cast in urethane and is intended to be integrated into scenery on the model railroad. The casting is about 3" x 4".
Other S scale kits include

Banta Modelworks also custom builds and paints rolling stock, locomotives, structures, etc. All work is 100% guaranteed with a turnaround time within 10 weeks.
Banta Modelworks also now owns the Tomalco line of Locomotive parts and the line of pipe fittings. These are lost wax brass castings. They purchased only the locomotive parts.

To send e-mail to Banta Modelworks Click Here

The Building & Structure Company products are now made and sold by Banta including a line of laser cut wood structure kits, cast Hydrocal structure kits and white metal detail parts.

S Scale Narrow Gauge At Train And Trooper - Structures available include the Bigelow Station from Portland Locomotive Works . . . $44.95 plus shipping (as of 4/27/01). Other S gauge structure kits are available from Finest Kind Models, Building And Structure, CM Shops, Rocky Mountain Model Works and V & T Shops.  

American Model Builders - just click on the S Scale page. About a dozen laser cut structures in S scale now available and reasonably priced.

Interlocking Tower in S Scale from American Model Builders
Adler Models - S Scale working and dummy switchstands.

Code 3 Collectibles...Firehouses and fire engines in S Scale.

Microtech Scale Models is offering an S scale Saloon for $42.95, a "Speeder" hand car shed for $15.95, a boiler house for $34.95 (all laser cut structures), heavy shake shingles for $8.95, snap brick for foundations, walls and chimneys for $6.95 and a set of S and Sn3 track templates. 

River Raisin Models --
6160 Upper Straits Blvd.
West Bloomfield, MI 48324.
Phone/Fax: (248) 366-9621.
E-mail Jim Kindraka at:

Makers of the 175' Pratt Pin Single Track Bridge....31" long and strong enough for any train. The model is accurately executed in every detail with literally thousands of rivets and detail castings. Check for any more availability!

post-production price: $799.00.


Model Bridge And Structure Specialists

Stainless Unlimited - custom built bridges in any gauge, any size.

Blackstone Valley Ry - Bridge And Structure Specialists. See the coal trestle at:

Mid-Michigan Scale Signs -- large assortment of signs in many scales including "S".

BHI - S Scale Buildings and Structures

Black's Fire Collectibles -- Many different models and sizes of firehouses available in 1/64 scale, very reasonably priced! The buildings are in kit form and built from foamcore.

Model Building Services --Model Building Services assembles O & S gauge kits for train layouts.

Twin Whistle Sign And Kit Company makes the Twin Whistle structures and billboards carried by PortLines Hobbies.

Port Lines Hobby Supplies - Doug Peck--Specialists in:

I've assembled the Twin Whistle Packard's Diner, the gas station/grocery store, the White Tower and the and Deco Style Gas Station. I highly recommend them as a fine additions to any S layout.

Here's a photo of the Twin Whistle Packard's Diner that I built.

Three-stall brick roundhouse kit available in either 16" or 21.5" depths. Cast resin walls; wood beams, columns and rafters; double-sided scribed wood doors; keystone arched doorways; embossed brickwork; Grandt line windows.
Expandable with soon-to-follow add-on stalls and a rear machine-shop or office structure.
Novice - level kit!
16" = $115; 21.5" = $129........+$4 shipping.

For photos and info on Port Lines products CLICK HERE.

To send e-mail to Port Lines Hobbies Click Here.

Berkshire Junction Model Railroad Supplies --EZ Line, an elastic polymer stretchy product that can be used for telephone and electrical wires on your layout.

Also carry electronic devices that add more detail and realism to the layout, including "flickering firelight" for hobo or boy scout fires...


Royal Train Equipment offers railroad crossing signs, building kits, SHelper Service products, and other accessories in S Scale. Royal also offers "junk" & ballast loads for gondolas and sitting people and bench sets.

Royal Train Equipment
One Susan Circle
Norton, MA 02766


LASERKIT's by American Model Builders -- Laser kit S structures:


Heljan Brewery. This is an excellent and popular HO structure that can easily be used in S scale. There are 2 versions of this kit- "HO" and a smaller scale "HO/N" version. The larger kit, suitable for S, is Heljan # 807 (Walthers 322-807). The kits come with 2 sets of doors. In the 807 kit, the larger doors are approximately S scale. This kit is offered only as a brewery. The smaller version was also offered in a slightly different meatpacking variation. Walthers almost always offers this kit.

Crystal River Products is planning to produce some S scale structures based on their line of HO kits of Colorado (Western) style buildings. It will be a couple of months before the first S scale building is released.


Lehigh Valley Models--Now under new ownership:

K&P Brick & Building Co. / Phil Kehr
308 Indian Rock Dam Rd.
York, Pa. 17403
717 747 0493


Veteran S scaler Frank Titman no longer produces this fine line of craftsmanlike S structure and rolling stock kits.

This station was built by Paul Yorke from a Lehigh Valley Models craftsman kit. Kit #LVM18 sells for $35.00 plus $3.00 P & H.


Metcalfe Models and Toys--more inexpensive OO scale printed cardboard kits like those made by Superquick Models (see above.)

Metcalfe has a killer, large, 3 & 4 storey warehouse and mill, and a boiler house/single storey factory complex. The two can be used together to make a large factory complex. Also offered are row houses, low relief "High St." (Main St.) shops in groups of three and other things. Each Metcalfe card kit is about $9.50 each, including postage to anywhere in the UK..

Metcalfe Models and Toys
Dept. B, 1 Carleton Business Park
Carleton New Road
Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2AA UK
01756 797806

High Iron Exchange--Offers custom assembled or custom CAD designed rolling stock or structure models. Work in ALL scales.

To contact High Iron Exchange send e-mail to Ron Haverstock OR Write to:

High Iron Exchange
712 W. 18th
Hutchinson, KS, 67502.

The Cryer Gray Foundry - 1917 vintage 53'6" brass through plate girder bridge, fully assembled

J. A. Botten

Central Valley-- Central Valley sells single and double track plate girder bridges in HO. Many of the parts are easily adaptable to S gauge, however. The bridges come in a kit form and are approximately 10 inches long. They are made of injection molded styrene and come super detailed with thousands of rivets. They are ideal for the S gauge kitbasher!

Central Valley
1203 Pike Lane
Oceano Cal. 93445

Ridgehill Scale Models--They have the following kits in S scale:

Ridgehill Scale Models
148 Pleasant Ridge Rd.
Brantford, Ont., Canada, N3T 5L5
Ph.: (519) 756-1610 (evenings: 519-753-9809)
Fax: (519) 753-7553

Design Preservation Models -- DPM makes urban building kits in HO that can easily be kitbashed to S gauge.

Send $1.50 for reference manual to:

PO Box 66
Linn Creek, MO 573-346-1234

These are two DPM buildings on my S scale model railroad. Both buildings have been kitbashed to "S."

Lee Collins/Scenic Meadows Supplies; has Sheet Lead Weights in 1/64", 1/32" & 1/16" thick x 3" x 6" sheets. This stuff is great for hiding weight in open cars & loco's. It cuts with scissors and forms by hand easily.

The 1/64" X 3" X 6" sheets are 2oz each & come 3 per package, 6 oz total.
The 1/32" X 3" X 6" sheets are 4oz each & come 2 per package, 8oz total.
The 1/16" X 3" X 6" sheets are 8oz each & come 1 per package, 8oz total.

Also Available--REAL Glass panes for structures, cabooses & passenger cars etc. For sizes and more info CLICK HERE.

Lee Collins/Scenic Meadows Supplies
1730 Scenic Meadows Drive
Imperial, MO 63052-1564


Fine Hydorcal Castings in S Scale by C.C. Crow - S scale structure progress but worth a good look! Includes scratchbuilding supplies, S scale brick stock patterns and a roundhouse yet to be completed. In response to his S scale Denver and Rio Grande roundhouse he writes: "I've been told and told to do something in S-scale. Anything. So here it is. And dead silence." So take a look at his offerings if you want folks to make more S scale products!


New England Brown Stone - This company makes some really nice stone walls, and in S scale too!


They manufacture high quality model trees, model scenery supplies at extremely competitive prices. With over 20 years experience in architectural model manufacturing, we have production lines for model trees & scenery supplies. Based in Mainland China, we aim to provide high quality model supplies, model trees for modellers at the best possible price.Featuring a broad range of model supplies to complement our core products we also cater towards specific designs, requests and product lines to suit all modellers.

Plastic Trees : Model trees ideally suited to Railway & Game modelers (no retail)
Etched Model Trees : Specifically designed for high quality Architectural Models, Etched model trees are available from 10mm ~150mm in height.
Swing & Wire Model Trees : An alternative solution to enrich your models with Swing and Wire model trees.
Palm Trees : Palm Tree selection featuring Etched, Mexican, Coconut, Royal Palm and Canary island date with more under development.Other Model Supplies

Scattering Materials :

Grass powder, Grass dusts, foam textures (available in an assortment of colours and grades)
Grass Mat : Up to 1.2M x 2.5M size (Available in a range of colours).

Contact them at More information can be found at their model supplies web site and model making web site at

Stevens Creek Modesls - S scale window and door glazing. For Grandt Line S scale windows:

* 4027 - WGS-4027 - Enough for 2 packs of windows $2.75 (07/04/06)
* 4041 - WGS-4041 - $2.75 (07/04/06)

Swamp Machine Shop - S scale detail parts including bird bath, open top 55 gal. drum, barrel, closed top 55 gal. drum.

Arizona Rock & Mineral Co. - AR&M sells real rock ballast for many prototype regions including some eastern railroads. They have several scale sizes and their HO Mainline size should be usable for S. They also cary scenery cover and coal (made from real coal). They have several grades. Recommended for mainlines is their "Main Line" ballast (a larger size). Many different colors are available, keyed to prototype color/usage.

Great Northern Sand & Gravel Co. GNS&G sells real rock ballast in many colors and sizes. Their web page contains a Scale Size Chart, which includes S scale, that shows the prototype size of the different size stone that they produce. In addition to ballast they carry a wide range of gravel, sand and scenery materials.

Rickety Rails Models - Paul Dougherty - supplier of adhesives, Lightning Bond, Dr. Mike's Model'n and Crafter's Glue and Dr. Mike's 2, and Low Melt Soldering Kit.  Paul also custom builds locomotive kits in S and O scales, primarily narrow gauge. Site under construction.

Paul Dougherty
Rickety Rails Models
210 Kenmar Drive
Yorktown, VA 23692
757 898 8194

Dr. Ben's Scale Consortium - weathering products including "aged driftwood" @ $8.49 plus shipping and handling.

Perfect Pines - just as the name says - pine trees in all sizes for your layout.

Custom Brass Painting - Bill Lane


S Scale lumber made by Kappler Mill & Lumber. Co. (now under new ownership) Kappler makes a fine selection of S Scale lumber including railroad ties in standard S and narrow gauge S sizes. Good S scale lumber for scratchbuilding!

Or you can order direct at:

Kappler Mill & Lumber Company
8908 108th St. N.E.
Arlington, WA 98223
Toll free: (888) 811-1011
Fax: (360) 651-0428

ScaleCrete - The modeler's paving material for concrete and asphalt. Works great! Price as of 2/07/2004 is $20.00 (includes shipping in USA) for 1 quart. I've been used this material quite successfully to make cobblestone streets. It has a long working time. Just wet it while you're working with it to extend the time you to work with it before it dries.

C S Designs
140 Brockton Place
Valparaiso, IN


The photo above shows how I've used Scale Crete to create cobblestone streets with trolley tracks imbedded in the street. - just what it says.

Microtech Scale Models is offering "Snap Brick" in S Scale for foundations, retaining walls and chimneys. $6.95.

Micro-Glaze - this liquid product purports to ceate realistic window glass panes in scale thickness with impressive effects for indoor lighting of structures. Available from Micro-Mark as product #80894. Call Micro-Mark at 1-800-225-1066.

Plaster cloth used for scenic modeling is manufactured as "ParisCraft". This is an open weave fabric impregnated with Plaster of Paris, which molds easily when moistened. ParisCraft can be purchased from art supply stores, school catalogs or online from a number of companies that sell the product including:

Art Supplies Wholesale

Gramco School Supplies

  How to make Scenic Express Supertrees

Interesting Site on how to make Scenic Express Super Trees. 

Scenic Express Model Landscaping Supplies - Scenic materials for the model railroader. Go to their website and click on the graphic for a free catalog.


Pre Size Model Specialties -- S scale tunnel portals, bridge abutments, walls and bridge piers.


Bragdon Enterprises - Cutting Edge Model Scenery

Wooden Works - "Fir-Ever Forest Products" - 30 pine trees - $9.95 a box; S scale 5'-14' (1-2.75")

2514 N. Florida
Joplin, MO 64801

Lee Collins/Scenic Meadows Supplies; makers of dust-free, non-magnetic coal. There are three sizes of coal available, in S scale: Small=l"to l.5", Medium=1.9" to 2.2" and Large=1.9" to 4.3". Coal is available for all scales. If anyone would like free samples of the product to check out send a note with your mailing address to:

 Lee Collins/Scenic Meadows Supplies
1730 Scenic Meadows Drive
Imperial, MO 63052-1564
Suggested retail price is $3.49 per 8oz ziplock bag plus shipping. (no handling charge)


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New Zealand Finescale They make 10 figures in 1:64 scale pewter at $4.50 each or $40.00 for all 10. (as of 3-23-13)

Reviresco painted or unpainted figures including sets of baseball players, deep sea dive crew and chaffeurs.

Scale University - S Scale Figures - lightweight, painted, inexpensive plastic figures. Most are great for passenger cars. Cost - $21.99 plus shipping fees (as of 7-29-04)

The Aspen Modeling Company S Scale Figures

Unpainted S scale figures including those pictured below (brakeman, oilman, switchman and man shoveling) and several horses, sheep and a couple of cowboys.


Best of Show Model Builders New WEBSITE - Services Include: Figure Painting

Arttista -- very nicely detailed S scale figures. I have about 15 of them. CAll 800-316-2493 for ordering and; takes Visa and MC.

Some of the new S gauge figures by Artistta. Pricey at approx. $5.00 apiece painted but very well made. Also available from Scenery Unlimited.


Fun And Games Scale Figures For Model Railroads-- has a fully illustrated website.

Fun and Games People measured against an S Scale ruler. Courtesy: Stan Stokrocki.

Railmaster Exports S Gauge Figures. Railmaster has one of the best buys available on S scale figures...and they are pretty much true to scale. Not quite as highly detailed perhaps as the Arttista figures, Railmaster's remain, in my opinion, the best buy for the money. Most of the figures on my home layout are from Railmaster Exports. These are my choice for the best buy in S scale figures.


Rail King figures by Mikes Train House

Click on the thumbnail above to view a larger image. Press your browser's back button to return to this page.

American Models offers S figures painted or unpainted. Large offering.

One set of figures offered by American Models

Preiser S Gauge Figures These are called S scale but like some other products it's questionable as to how they actually measure out. These might be a little too small depending upon where they are placed on the layout.

M L Designs - Little Critters - birds in HO scale that this company says work well in S scale. You judge.

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