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Media Contact: Jim Cameron, Vice Chairman

Phone: 203-655-0138 Cell: 203-952-5758


      Letter to Editor re: Gov. Rell and VRE rail cars (October 2004)

      Update on new car plans for Metro-North (October 2004)

      Noroton Hts. celebrates rehab with grand re-opening (October 2004)


      FAQ on Winter Breakdowns (January 2004)

      Results of commuter survey re: Noroton Hts. Station (January 2004)

      Noroton Hts. Station FAQs re: repairs, parking, etc. (January 2004)

      The Case for Quiet Cars on Metro-North

      Commuters Speak Out on The Issue of Cellphone Noise

      Commuter Council Presents Plan to Metro-North Board for Quiet Cars


      Commuter Council joins TC-3 Green Paper

      Cablevision Editorial Commends Council for innovative suggestions

      Testimony before Legislatures Comm. On Transportation re: TSB Plans for Commuter Rail (March 2003)


      New timetables add trains / Amtrak shutdown threatened (June 2002)

      New York Times article on cell phone problems on trains (June 2002)

      MNRR Survey confirms cell phone abuse on trains (June 2002)

      Vice Chmn Jim Camerons testimony before Legislature on Councils work (April 2002)

      Council & Metro-North survey riders on cell-phone abuse (April 2002)

      SWRPA Endorses Councils Call For More Rail Cars (April 2002)

      Meet The Commuter Day 2002 - On The Train (March 2002)

      CDOT Presentation to Transportation Strategy Bd. on Future of Commuter Rail in CT (February 2002)

      Letter to Editor re: planned Bi-Level cars on Metro-North (February 2002)

      Council commends MNRR on high marks in latest customer survey (February 2002)


      Councils Jim Cameron elected to Coastal Corridor TIA, advising TSB (September 2001)

      Council calls for CDOT to take over operation of Stamford RR Station (Various dates)

      Council opposes Gov. Rowland's gas tax cut if it hurts mass transit (December 1999)


      PROJECT HOT-CARS: The Council's efforts to get the AC fixed Summer '99 (August 1999)

      Chmn. Chabot opposes LIRR plan to run trains into Grand Central Station (June 1999)

      Council hails Legislature for budget preventing fare increase (June 1999)

      Stamford Advocate coverage of 6/2/99 Fare Hearing in Darien (June 1999)

      Testimony by Jim Cameron, Vice Chmn. at 6/2/99 public hearing on fare increase (June 1999)

       Council urges commuters to join CDOT public hearings on fare increase (May 1999)

       Stamford Advocate chronicles fight by CDOT to take over Stamford RR Station (April 1999)

       Cablevision editorial reply by Jim Cameron (April 1999)

      CDOT offers plan to SCAC on reducing I-95 traffic (Feb. 1999)

      Jim Cameron appointed to SW Corridor Action Council (Feb. 1999)

      "Meet The Commuter Day" at Westport RR Station (Jan. 1999)


      Commuter petitions lead to reinstatement of intra-state train (Dec. 1998)

      New windows installed, graffiti removed at Noroton Hts. RR Station (Nov. 1998)

      New Fall timetable brings big changes for New Haven division riders (Oct. 1998)

       Shore Line East riders offered money-saving Uni-Ticket (Jan. 1998)

      Council hosts "Meet The Commuter Day" at Fairfield Station (Feb. 1998)


      Shore Line East riders group surveys passengers (April 1997)

      Angry commuters protest planned cuts in rail service (Feb. 1997)

      Council testifies at SLERA Hearing on proposed elimination of trains (Feb. 1997)

      Battle continues to save Danbury line trains (Feb. 1997)

      Waterbury branch riders present petitions to "Save Our Trains" (Feb. 1997)