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Emeryville wigwags
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Emeryville (ATSF Backyard Line)
It wasn't until the late 80's that I discovered the Santa Fe "Backyard Line" that ran from Richmond to Oakland (Emeryville). Up until 1990, many of the wigwags were still in place, though the line had been severed from Richmond during the early '80's (after abandonment in 1979). Below are the only photos that I took of these wigwags, which numbered over 15 in 1990. The Niles Canyon Railway (Pacific Locomotive Association) acquired them that year and placed a few in Niles Canyon. See museum page.

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This one once stood at the very end of the ATSF "Backyard Line" in Emeryville, right near the Espee mainline on Hollis St. These tracks have since been removed and paved over for a new shopping center. This picture was taked during the late '80's. 
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Santa Fe had a unique way of setting up their signals. Here we see a wigwag  (cantilever at half mast) complete with reflectorized crossbucks. This signal has seen more than it's share of "target" practice! This was located on Powell Street, looking west. The Graffiti on the wall should tell you when this picture was taken!
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Another signal set up the same way. Sorry for the poor quality image, but it's one of the few pictures that I have of the Backyard Line. If you have any that you would like to share...please email me!
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This one stood at the corner of Adeline and W. Grand Avebues. West Grand was recently widened, rendering this view unrecognizable. I'm not sure if this was a Santa Fe wigwag or not, but I do know that there are (were) several industrial spurs running around this area, some of it being part of the old Key System. This photo was taken about 1989; the wigwag is long gone.
El Cerrito
This is somewhere in the Berkeley area (judging by the lack of BART overhead). This photo was taken in 1975 (by Larry Granfield)  while the line was in it's last five years of service with dwindling freight jobs. Notice the wigwag to the left, it has two cantilevers and motor boxes. The second for protecting the street to the left.
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