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oakland and stockton wigwags
Oakland and Stockton

Oakland - 3rd and Webster

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This wigwag once protected the California Zephyr as it made it's way down the double track WP main line on 3rd Street and Webster. This is by far the largest cantilever I've ever seen on a wigwag. This photo was taken in March 1981. Sometime during the late 80's, UP decided to "upgrade" the signal by removing just the wigwag mechanism and installing flashers on the same cantilever. Sure wish I had a picture of that! The line down 3rd street was finally torn up in '97. (thanks to a certain merger!)

Update 3/2000
I was in the neighborhood on January 26, 2000 and stopped by this same
location. I snapped a shot of the same corner. Not only is the wigwag gone,
but the old WP main down 3rd St has been removed. (removed in 1996)
The only thing left is the double white stripe for the crossing.

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Oakland - 12th Street

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Evan Werkema snapped this picture months before it was removed.
It was located in Oakland near Melrose on 12th Street. The spur tracks
were being removed at this time. The wigwag soon followed. Photo taken in 1997.


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Another section of track no longer with us is this stretch through Stockton. This upper quadrant wigwag was located on Hazelton Avenue on the WP main, 5 blocks from the station. According to David Epling (check his site!), all that remains now is the track in the street. Trains were re-routed onto the SP beginning April 15, 1999, there is a New Connector just south of the tower between the SP and former WP to allow access to the Stockton Yard, and another connection at El-Pinal to allow access to the Canyon Sub. The El-Pinal Diamonds are no longer there. This photo was taken in July 1980.

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Not too far away on the Santa Fe main stood this wigwag. This
picture was taken in 1980. Signal has since been removed.

Photo by Jerold Crawford.

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