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Wigwag Documents P.1
Wigwag Documents
Old trade magazine articles

I'm starting to get some interesting photo-copies of old signal engineering articles that contain early information on wigwags and other types of crossing equipment. I am re-scanning these and re-formatting them to work on a webpage. Here are a few that I have done. Keep checking back, more will be added soon.


Protection of Highway Railroad Crossings 
The Signal Engineer - July, 1914
Early Magnetic Flagman The Signal Engineer - Oct. 1914
Pacific Electric's Automatic Flagman Electric Railway Journal - June, 1920
Conceived and Developed Wig-Wags Pacific Electric - July, 1929
Evolution of the Automatic Flagman... Electric Railway Journal  - (1917-18)
Wigwag #500 put in Service PE Magazine Dec. 1926 (coming soon)


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