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Private collections: Jerold Crawford P2
Jerold Crawford - Part 2
Tampa, Fl.

My wig-wag as it stood on 3rd Street in Riverside, CA before shipping to Florida
(photo by Karl Wichmann)

Poured concrete base with a cardboard template to hold the bolts in place
Waiting for the banner to dry to hook it up
The banner drying.  The curves were done with 1 inch electrical tape which made nice clean edges,.  The black areas were painted first, then it was taped and the white area were sprayed.
The wigwag at rest.  I elected to restore in the fashion that the Great Northern and Northern Pacific did theirs - a lower quadrant mounted in a pedestal. This was the same way that the wigwag was done in the Lemony Snickets movie.   Crossbucks were mounted to the top of the mechanism box as was the norm on the GN and NP
The banner lit and swinging with the bell ringing.
Wigwag swinging as seen from down the street
 Here is the final picture with my stop when swinging repro sign for my collection.
 Here is a picture of all three signals.

All photos (except noted) by Jerold Crawford (2005)  

Update - November 2009

Conversion to an Upper Quadrant Magnetic Flagman similar to the ATSF signals in Pasadena, CA

I needed to do some work on my first Magnetic Flagman.  I was impressed by Bob Burket’s 1954 photo   of the Santa Fe UQ signal in Pasadena, CA that I decided to redo this signal in a similar fashion.

I purchased a LQ banner from the Los Angeles Junction RR from someone on eBay. I used an extra counterweight to convert it to an UQ style.  Just had to drill the appropriate holes and put in a taper pin to let the banner rest on the wig-wag mechanism.  Repainted it after having it sandblasted

I completely disassembled my wig-was and decided to keep the Van Dyke banner as it was to use on my upcoming Model 10 restoration.  I had a cracked terminal block and was able to get another one to replace it.  I also changed the movable contact finger and the stationary contacts as well with some reproductions I had purchased.. I also had the coils redipped so they would be better protected from the elements.  Lastly, I reinstalled the brake which had been removed from the signal when I got it.

When I got finished, it worked better than it ever had.  It now operates  at 5.5 VDC instead of 9 VDC as it had before. Still fine-tuning some of the tolerances and gaps for optimum performance.

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