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Modeling a static TCDD 56086

This page is a complement to Trains of Turkey which does not covers modeling.
It displays my modest attempts at modeling a Turkish loco.



This project is based on HO Revell Kits. It will appeal to modelers wishing to build an original TCDD engine within a limited budget of about 50 euro. This project can be undertaken by anyone with a minimal experience of plastic kits. No fancy tools or impossible to find material are required, a basic hardware store should carry all the necessary supplies except for the paint.

All the fun is in the process of making the model, the final result is a static engines that will look very good on your HO layout. It will built up your (static) fleet, in a depot, a maintenance shop or even a scrap yard.

This text will only describe the major steps I did into making this 56000. The modeler is invited to take a critical approach and enhance the assembly process and the details on his model at will.

Why 56086? 56086 is the unit preserved at TCDD Ankara open air museum. For this reason, it was easy to make pictures of this engine. In addition, 56086 is one of the 56000 built in the UK. 56086 has therefore a dual British and German ancestry; more frequent among royals than steam loco...

56084, Photo Benno Bickel


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