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5 January 2019

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5 January 2019    Crew: GlennG, GaryM, BarryB, KentS & DaveV

Several have been contributing to the paint project in the Gorge, especially DanG.

GlennG cutout the platform to fit the Train Order Boards. The depot will move over to place the new signal just off a joist.

GaryM placed some safety blue barrels as holders for the flags (used as car stops).

Tennessee Pass
GlennG installed the Train Order Boards in front of where the TP depot will sit.

West Salida
GaryM placed more safety blue barrels.

GlennG had to move the D&RGW station slightly back from the track to fit in the Train Order Boards.

GlennG had located the Train Order Boards, which also moved the mock-up Gunnison depot slightly back from the track.

Extra Board

  • KentS and BarryB have been installing the Arduino boards fo control the Train Order Boards and single mast signals (to be installed). The board will flip up when not being worked on.
  • Dispatcher Office organizing: GaryM set up placemarkers with descriptions for the Train markers (magnets) to ease the memory of the Dispatcher. The panels have been reinstalled with LEDs and toggles all attached. Last week, KentS soldered all of the connections.

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