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Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station

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Steam meets Nuclear Power

Long before British Nuclear Fuels created its own rail transport division, Direct Rail Services (we like to call them "the other DRS!") the transport of nuclear flasks around the site was in the care of a British Rail Class 08 diesel shunter.

BNFL operated a preserved Peckett 0-4-0ST industrial steam locomotive for a while. It was often seen when public railtours riding the Cumbrian Coast line used the trinagle of tracks within the plant to turn main line steam locomotives around for the return leg of their journey.

Calder Hall Power Station
Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station in May 1981 when a British Rail Class 08 diesel locomotive was shunting a short train comprising nuclear flask wagons and bogie tank wagons (thought to contain acid).The wagon behind the locomotive carries a single flask, the one in front carries two flasks.
Peckett 0-4-0
Peckett 0-4-0 ST at Sellafield. This locomotive was later shedded at steam town Carnforth and is still in preservation.
Train of Nuclear Flask wagons and tank wagons in the Sellafield Works sidings January 1981.
Direct Rail Services Class 20  locomotives at Workington Main Station Former British Rail class 20 disel locomotives gained a new lease of life after being refurbished, modernised, and put back in to service by DRS. These are an ned-cab design and so are usually seen coupled nose to nose for increased flexibility in operation.
37612 DRS also introduced refurbished Class 37 diesel locomotives to their fleet and here 37612 is captured leaving Workington Station for Carlisle. An EWS Class 66 locomotive is visible through the viaduct road overbridge.
drs locomotives The same train leaving the station with a northbound light engine movement comprising a 37, 20, 20, 37, and a 20 bringing up the rear.
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