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Preserved Steam on the Settle & Carlisle

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Preserved Steam on the Settle & Carlisle

A4 Pacific  Sir  Nigel Gresley

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Blue Peter

Blue Peter

Britannia 70000

Peppercorn A2 Pacific Blue Peter 600532 comes off the A66 bridge North of Appleby with C.M.E 29/5/93

Blue Peter approaching Birkett tunnel with Southbound C.M.E. 20/6/92

BR standard Class 7P Pacific Britannia approaching Crosby Garrett 9/7/94

Clan Line 

Duchess of Hamilton

Duchess of Hamilton

 Bulleid Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 Clan Line 35028 near Keld with Southbound C.M.E. 8/4/89

Stanier Class 8P Pacific Duchess of Hamilton 46229 approaching Ais Gill summit with Southbound Thames-Eden Pullman 23/4/83

Duchess of Hamilton with C.M.P. at Hellifield (note blue ribands) 28/5/83

 Duke of Gloucester

Evening Star

King Edward I

Riddles designed BR Standard Class 8P Pacific Duke of Gloucester 71000 heads North off Ribblehead Viaduct 23/3/90 BR Class 9F 2-10-0 Evening Star 92220 heads North off Ribblehead Viaduct 21/4/88 Churchward 4-6-0 King Edward I 6024 Southbound with C.M.E. at Grassgill 14/3/98
Kolhapur Leander Princess Elizabeth
Stanier Jubilee Class 5XP 4-6-0 Kolhapur 5593 on Ribblehead Viaduct 18/4/87 Stanier Jubilee Class 5XP 4-6-0 Leander 5690 with C.M.P at Hellifield 28/5/83 Stanier Class 8P Pacific Princess Elizabeth 6201 with Northbound C.M.E at Grassgill. 22/6/91
Princess Margaret Rose Union of South Africa Union of South Africa
Stanier Class 8P Pacific Princess Margaret Rose 46203 Southbound with C.M.E. at Grassgill 22/6/91 Gresley A4 Pacific Union of South Africa 70009 at Dandry Mire Viaduct with Northbound C.M.E. 28/4/84 Union of South Africa with C.M.E. heads North out of Blea Moor Tunnel 5/4/96
Sir Nigel Gresley 8 March 1997 Union of South Africa 60009 22 May 1993 Stanier 8F 7 May 1997
Gresley A4 4-6-2 Sir Nigel Gresley 60007 in BR Blue passing Howe & Co. sidings 60009 Union of South Africa approaching low house crossing. Cumbrian Mountain Pullman. Stanier 8F 48151 passing Armathwaite
City of Wells 34092 22 October 1988 34092 at Long Meg 22 October 1988 Blue Peter 3 July 1993
City of Wells 34092 Northbound at Armathwaite Viaduct City of Wells on the return leg passing Long Meg Signal Box Peppercorn A2 pacific Blue Peter 60532 at Long Meg sidings.
Princess Margaret Rose 19 March 1994 S15 Maunsell 7 May 1994 Mallard's 50th anniversary of it's world speed record.
Stanier 8P pacific Princess Margaret Rose with Thames Clyde Express at Long Meg sidings. Southern Railway Maunsell S15 class 4-6-0 828 Southbound Cumbrian Mountain Pullman  Gresley A4 pacific Mallard 4468 in LNER Garter Blue. North to Langwathby
Black 5 4-6-0 4305 10 May 1986 Black 5 & Britannia near Waste Bank tunnel 31 March 1995 stanier 8F 48151 17 May 1997
Stanier Black 5 Alderman W A Draper at Culgaith. Last Steam train hauled train on BR tracks. Standard 5 75014 & Std. Class 7P Britannia 7000 Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48151 Northbound at Kirkby Thore
Sir Nigel Gresley 26 June 1994   Green Arrow 4771 22 April 1989
Sir Nigel Gresley 4498 South of Kirkby Thore Works   Gresley V2 Green Arrow 4771 at Culgaith
All photographs Copyright DRS/ Norman Beck
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