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Railway Transport
The Eritrean Railway line which has a special place in the history of the country has been reactivated and is fully operational on its Massawa -Ginda Segment-(70km long).

The earthwork of the 11km long Ginda-Embatkala segment has been completed and the rails laid and fixed and ready for trains. The gravel work will follow. Railway stations of Hutumlo, Mai-atal, Damas and Ginda have been repaired. Water pipes and cisterns have been fixed.   In addition: three big and three small steam engines, two Krupp locomotives, two Diesel engines and two Orals, over 30 modified heavy trucks six train cars are now functional. . Foundries, wood and metal works, bolts and nuts as well as construction materials producing workshop fridge, steam and gas workshop, etc. are more or less operational,

Self -reliance
Taking the agricultural importance of the Ghinda area, there is a daily train transport between Damas and Ginda.

The railway reactivating project was accomplished at a cost of 29,951,485.80 Nfa excluding the material and human help obtained from various ministries.



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