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Prototypes for N scale passenger cars

Prototypes for N scale passenger cars, and some complete trains

by Fred Klein


heavyweight Part 1: Wood and Heavyweight steel cars; purpose of this effort; books 

corrug1 Part 2: Streamlined lightweight corrugated cars: Arnold-Concor 

corrugKato Part 3: Streamlined lightweight corrugated cars: Kato 

corrug2 Part 4: Streamlined lightweight corrugated cars: Model power-Rowa; JnJ 

smoothside Part 5: Streamlined lightweight smooth side cars 



CZ1952 Train models with prototypical consists


Each part is 1-2 megabytes of text, models and matching prototype photos.  I suggest reading the introduction (purpose) in part 1 first. Pages were mostly done in 2005 (with minor revisions in 2011). Most N scale passenger cars (except the generic cars from Con cor) issued after 2005 are prototypically accurate for the roads in which they are decorated (from companies like Kato, Intermountain, Wheels of time, Micro-trains, and to a lesser extent Walthers). Even though the “part” pages have not been updated, they are useful for many available passenger cars. The train model pages have many more recent models with indications of how close to prototypical they are, but without companion prototype photos. I have worked on the train model pages in recent years. Pages were just reloaded (August 2016) with correct Unicode encoding so punctuation displays correctly in web browsers.


The train models pages are an attempt to model specific streamlined or heavyweight trains, car for car, using both off-the-shelf and customized cars.  New trains will be added as I complete them.


I generated these htm pages with Microsoft Word.


I’ve enjoyed researching and writing this.  I know many modelers can help improve these pages because they know more than I do, and have different books.  I have identified at least one prototype for most cars, but would like to know of additional railroads that ran the same car.  Please send any new prototype information, comments or scans of photographs.  I will include you and your information in future releases.  This is a work in progress, and information is better when it’s shared.


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