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Modeled trains with (near) prototypical consists

N scale train models with (near) prototypical cars and consists

Fred Klein, 2016


It is usually difficult to accurately model a passenger train with off-the-shelf cars or components without some re-decaling custom modeling.  I have, however, tried to model several trains staying as close as I can to the prototype using factory made cars, kits, brass car sides and decaling.  I end up with a variety of different manufacturers and kits, but that is the fun of modeling whole trains.  Beautiful examples of car-by-car prototype train modeling in N scale are featured in many issues of the magazine N scale Railroading.  Published modelers set excellent examples of detailing and scratchbuilding that I have not attained.  I will add to this set of trains as I complete them. I have a page of notes on the coupler changes I make to get passenger cars of various brands to couple together.


As I revise them, these pages are formatted for printing from your browser and are optimized for the web while being conservatively designed. The pictures are processed using Adobe photoshop elements and the htm web files are built with Microsoft Word.


 All Amtrak trains are on this page

 Commute trains are on this page


 Auto-train, 1971-1981

 Baltimore & Ohio’s Ambassador, late 1940s – late 1950s

 Baltimore & Ohio’s National Limited, 1949 – late 1950s

pio34-1.jpg Burlington Pioneer Zephyr, 1934-1960

 Burlington Silver Streak Zephyr, 1940-1950s

 Burlington Twin Cities Zephyr, 1947-1970

 California Zephyr, 1948-1952, Con-cor cars

 California Zephyr, 1948-1952, Kato cars

 California Zephyr, 1952-1964, Con-cor cars

 California Zephyr, 1964-1970, Kato cars

 CBQ, DRGW & WP Exposition Flyer, 1939-1949

C&O50-1.jpg Chesapeake & Ohio’s George Washington, 1950-c1968

flambeau.jpg Chicago & North Western’s Flambeau 400, 1958-1971

400twin.jpg Chicago & North Western’s Twin Cities 400, 1939-1963

clv56.jpg City of Las Vegas Aerotrain, December 1956-September 1957

vegas57-1.jpg City of Las Vegas, 1957-1967

 City of Los Angeles (Union Pacific), 1956-1960

MC34-1.jpg City of Salina, M10000 articulated train, 1936-1941

 City of San Francisco, 1941-1949

 City of St. Louis, 1958-1969

gorge60.jpg Denver and Rio Grande Western’s Royal Gorge, c1965-1967

 Erie Limited, c.1951-c.1958

 Freedom Train, 1947-1949.  Prototype info.

 Golden State (SP and RI), about 1950- about 1954

 Great Northern “Baby streamliner”, 1947-1952

 Great Northern’s heavyweight Empire Builder, 1929-c1939

 Great Northern’s Empire Builder, 1947-1951

 Great Northern’s Empire Builder, 1951-1955

 Great Northern’s Empire Builder, 1955-1967

 Great Northern’s Red River, 1950-1967

 Illinois Central’s Panama Limited, 1942-1967

 Illinois Central’s City of New Orleans, 1947-1971

 Illinois Central’s Green Diamond, 1947-1968

KCS10.jpg Kansas City Southern trains #9 and 10, 1957-1968

 Liberty Bell Special, 1915

 Milwaukee Road’s Twin Cities Hiawatha, 1935-1938

 New York Central 20th Century Limited, 1938-1945

 New York Central 20th Century Limited, 1948-1960s

 New York Central’s New England States, 1949-1960s

 Northern Pacific North Coast Limited, 1954-1967

 Pennsylvania’s Admiral, 1941-c1949

admir50-1.jpg Pennsylvania’s Admiral, c1950-c1955

 Pennsylvania’s Broadway Limited, 1949-1967, first string (Kato) cars

 Pennsylvania’s Broadway Limited, 1949-1967, second string (non Kato) cars

 Pennsylvania’s “clocker”, 1936-1950s

Description: cong43-1.jpg Pennsylvania’s Congressional, c1943-1952

 Pennsylvania’s Congressional, 1952-1967

 Rock Island’s Corn Belt Rocket 1947-1960s

 Santa Fe’s heavyweight California Limited, c1928-1938

 Santa Fe’s California Special, c1954-c1965

 Santa Fe’s El Capitan, 1946-c1953

ec53.jpg Santa Fe’s El Capitan, 1953-1956

ec56.jpg Santa Fe’s high-level El Capitan, 1956-1960s

 Santa Fe RDC trains 80-83 (surf line, LA to San Diego), 1952-1955

 Santa Fe RDC trains 311-312 (Newton to Dodge KS), 1956-1968

 Santa Fe’s Scout, 1936-1948

 First lightweight Santa Fe Super Chief, 1937-1947

 Second lightweight Santa Fe Super Chief, 1938-1947

Description: ec53.jpg Santa Fe Super Chief, 1948-1951

 Santa Fe Super Chief, 1951-1953, kit cars

sc51kato.jpg Santa Fe Super Chief, 1951-1954, Kato set

texas1a.jpg Santa Fe’s Texas Chief, 1950-1960s

SFWTx.jpg Santa Fe’s West Texas express, 1955-c1970

 Santa Fe’s Valley Flyer, 1939-1940

 Seaboard’s Silver Comet, c.1955-c.1964

day40kato.jpg Southern Pacific Morning Daylight, 1940-1954, Kato set

sha49-1a.jpg Southern Pacific Shasta Daylight, 1949-1955

 Troop train #1, 1942-1947

 Troop train #2, 1944-1947

 Union Pacific’s steam excursion train, 1990s to present

 Wabash’s Bluebird, 1950-1964


Trains with mostly non-prototypical “stand-in” cars

powhat49-1.jpg Norfolk and Western’s Powhatan Arrow, 1949-1958

rocky30-1.jpg Rock Island’s Rocky Mountain Rocket 1939-c1954

 Southern’s Crescent Limited, 1925-1949