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Modeled commuter trains with prototypical consists

N scale models of commute trains in the San Francisco, Chicago and New York areas

Fred Klein, 2015, 2016


Southern Pacific ran commute service on the San Francisco peninsula until Caltrain took over the service in 1985. I have San Francisco trains that span the whole time period from World War II until the present. In Chicago, each parent railroad ran is own commute service until the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) and later Metra took over in the early 1980s. These pages are formatted for printing from your browser and are optimized for the web while being conservatively designed. The pictures are processed using Adobe photoshop elements and the htm web files are built with Microsoft Word.



San Francisco commuter trains

Description: commute46.jpg Southern Pacific commute train (San Francisco peninsula), 1946-1956

 Southern Pacific commute train, c1947-1956

 Southern Pacific commute train, 1956-1960s

 Southern Pacific commute train, 1960s-1985

 Southern Pacific-Caltrans commuter train, 1982-1985

 Caltrain commuter train, 1985-1997

 Caltrain commuter train, 1997-present

 Caltrain “baby bullet” commuter train, 2004-present


Chicago commuter trains

 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy commuter train, 1950-1970s

commCNW.jpg Chicago & North Western’s commuter trains, 1960-1974

 Milwaukee Road Chicago commuter trains, 1965-1982

 Metra-RTA Chicago commuter train, c.1981-c.2003

 Metra Chicago commuter train, 1984-2003

 Metra Chicago commuter train, 2003-present

 Metra Chicago commuter train B, 2003-late 2000s


New York commuter and regional trains

 New Haven commuter train, 1957-1969

 Pennsylvania’s “clocker”, 1936-1950s

 Amtrak’s “Clocker”, 1975-c1982

 Amtrak’s Northeast Regional, 1975-mid 1990s

 Amtrak’s Northeast Regional, 1999-2003

 Amtrak’s Northeast Regional, c2003-c2009


Other regional trains from this website that carried some commuters

 Santa Fe RDC trains 80-83 (surf line, LA to San Diego), 1952-1955