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July 2009 Edition

July 2009

Lots of changes since the last update.  I (Ricky Keil) moved back to Nebraska but I still consider myself tied to the great folks in southern Kansas.  Sinc ethe last update we've had a few shows, Wichita, Cleveland, Ohio, and the NMRA Mid Continent Region show in Wichita.

Work continues on the 29th St yard/loop in preparation for the 2010 MRA National Train Show in Milwaukee.  There is a planned Rail Prototype Meet on 7-8 November in Wichta, times/location to be determined.  Also, the folks may travle up to Nebraska 12-13 December for a setup at the Strategic Air and Space Museum between Lincoln and Omaha.

Hopefully all the picture links will be up soon and you can see some of the great operations we've had.

August 2008

Several members of Southern Kansas Free-Mo had the opportunity to operate on several home layouts in the Kansas City area.  Most of the layouts were based on the Frisco and Katy railroads.  It was a great time and we got to learn some good things about operations and having fun. 

July 31st, 2008

We just got back from the NMRA National Train Show in Anaheim, CA.  The show was a big success and we hooked up with 4 other Free-Mo groups from around North America to build a pretty impressive layout.  The plan is already posted in the photos section, photos of the show will be following soon.  The highlight was the entire set-up taking 3rd place in the NMRA group module contest and the individual module "Dolese" taking Honorable Mention thanks to everyone's great work, especially Larry Winfrey who scratchbuilt the cement batch plant.

Due to a great effort on the part of our group, we were able to convert some of our loop 45s to regular Free-Mo 45s and build two brand new modules replacing two of the legacy modules.  Currently the group has the origianl loop, portions of the second with work starting next week on the rest of it, and 18 module/module sets throughout Kansas.

The next show is Ark City, KS on Nov 1-2, set up on Halloween, and it should be our biggest yet.  We should be unveiling Rob Petty's Augusta Refinery module set along with Sean Franklin's module set coming in from Arkansas.  Please send us an email if you would like to set up with us or attend just to see Free-Mo in action.

April 23rd, 2008 Update

We just received word today that Trains on the Plains has been cancelled and will be re-scheduled for another date later this year.


April 14th, 2008 Update

We are pleased to announce our new website! Our goal is to update this site at least once a month.

Please come and join us for Trains on the Plains in Hutchinson Kansas April 26th and 27th at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. We will be located in the Sunflower Building north. Hope to see you there!

Stay tuned more updates on the way!


  Copyright 2008 Perry Lambert