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The CPR Photo Archive would not be possible without a lot of contributions.  These contributions come in the form of photos, or perhaps just information about the photos people send when they see them.  Every detail is important and I am grateful for all submissions.

My thanks go to:

Mark Apostoliuk, Rainer Auer, Gordon Allsop, Ken Annett, Mike Barone, John Benson, Joe Blackwell, Mark Boesche, Graham Booth, Jim Brock, James A. Brown, Kevin Burholder, Allan Burr, Robert Caswell, Greg Chadwick, Travis Collins, Gene Connelly, Paul Cordingley, Douglas Courtney, Glenn Courtney, Dean Cullison, Michael Da Costa, Chris Davidson, Kevin DeGroff, Paul Duncan, Dan Ellis, Ted Ellis, JRF, Walter Favro, Mark Forseille, Matt Frahm, James Gamble, Dale Gloer, Tim Green, Perci Hala, Ian Harris, Brookes Harrow, Ross Harrison, Gene Hetherington, Lloyd Hodges, Santiago Homsi Jr., Kevin Hunter, Erik Hyjek, Manny Jacob, Chris Jajko, Curt D. Jans, Thomas E. Johnson, Derek Kennedy, Kevin Klitzke, "Kicking Horse", Doug Johnson, Vladimir Kedrovsky, Jason Korth, Al Krug, James Lalande, Luc Lanthier, Mark Laundry, John Leeming, Bill Linley, Douglas Little, Mike Lockwood, Randy Masales, Jeffrey T. Mast, Tim Mayhew, Greg J. McDonnell, Don McQueen, Bruce Mercer, Wayne Merlo, Earl Minnis, John Morin, Jan Morrison, E.D.Motis, Brian Nicholson, Frank S. Novak, Walter E. Pfefferle, Brian Plant, Ian Platt, Claude Prutton, John Read, John Reay, Lou Marre, Roland Marx, Tom Matys, Andrew Pickell, Mike Pulaski, Maurice Regaudie, Earl Roberts, Mike Roberts, Stevan A. Roberts, Matt Rooks, John Rose, Brian Rosenkranz, Tim Rosenkranz, George W. Roth, Thomas Sajnovic, Mike Salfi, Bill Sanderson, "CS", Jim Shepard, Greg Sherwood, Robert G. Sherwood, J.S.Snopek, Rob Sterne, Ken Storey, David T. Stowe, Don Strack, Russ Strodtz, Mike Swick, Brian D. Switzer, Tom Twigge-Molecey, Ellis Veech, David Voeltz, Frank Vollhardt, Chris Walker, Steve Waller, Scott Welsford, Darrell Wendt, Paul Wester, Larry E. White, Byron Willcutt, Dale Wilson, Stew Winstandley, "YB", James B. Zuckerman, Gary R. Zuters.

Information for this web site was compiled from a number of sources, cross-referenced against each other, including but not necessarily limited to .....

"Canadian Pacific Diesel Locomotives" by Murray W. Dean and David B. Hanna, 1981

"Extra 2200 South - The Locomotive Newsmagazine"

"Canadian Trackside Guide" and "Branchline" newsletter.

"Locomotives from London" by Peter Cox, 1968

CP Rail 1993 Review" by Gary Zuters, 1994

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Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive Roster and Photo Archives