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B&O Wagon Top BoxCar Construction Photos Page 1

B&O Wagon Top Boxcar Construction
Page 1
February 2000 - June 2003

The following are images of the B&O Wagon Top Boxcar's Construction...

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The B&O Wagon Top Boxcar had very humble beginnings. At this point, I just completed the floor of the car out of wood. I had a lot of trouble visualizing how this would turn into the finished product.

A closeup of the wood floor. The base is 3/4" ply with 1.5"x1.5" support stringers.

You can see the completed roof frame to the right the photo.

Here are all the major components completed. The roof frame assembly, floor assembly, ends and sides are all finished and ready for assembly.

At this point, all the walls are in place.

The completed wooden boxcar. It has finally taken shape, although there is a lot of work left.

Another show of the wooden superstructure. The entire unit at this point weighs around 30 pounds, maybe 40 at most.

After bending the aluminum ribs, they are all in the process of being test fit around the wooden superstructure.

The aluminum cladding is complete now, and fit between the ribs. The next step will be torturous, riveting everything together. I am not looking forward to this.

After all the ribs and aluminum cladding has been measured, spaced and clamped in place, it is time to begin the arduous task of riveting everything together. Some 3500 rivets will be used, all to be driven in by hand. The first step is to drill a small pilot hole. Then, start the rivet without it shooting out half way across the room. Then, using a specially designed fixture which we had to invent, the rivet could be driven in.



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