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Aside from being involved in Large Scale model railroading, the JLS Railroad officers, and many of its members are involved in 1.5" Scale, other wise referred to as "Live Steamers". These trains run on 7 1/4" track and are large enough to ride. Due to the immense size needed to accommodate a layout in this scale belonging to a Live Steam Club is a necessity, although some lucky members have their own small "backyard railways".



Moving Passenger Train

Most members of the JLS Railroad Club also belong to is the Long Island Live Steamers. The LILS is located in South Haven County Park and is comprised of a 3500' double loop of track. An unusual aspect of our club as compared to other Live Steam clubs and organizations is that we are open to the public regularly for scheduled run days. The public is allowed to ride the rails from 10:30 to 3:00 on the second and last Sundays of every month. For more information, please click here, it's well worth it!

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