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minerva yard
    Every so often something goes really right. This was the case on the way back from a business trip to Pittsburgh. I'd heard of a rail yard in Minerva, Ohio that had not one, but four E units. I'll say right now that EMD E and F units are my favorites. They were what I remembered from childhood and what I always thought of when I thought about trains. Too good to be missed, I told myself, and convinced my husband that we just had to find these rare beauties. It wasn't a problem, there were four E8As, big as life. I screwed up my courage and asked the people in charge if we could walk the yard and photograph the equipment. Minerva was a wealth, not just E units but other rarities, as well,. These two switchers below we named "The Timkin Twins."      Also in the yard was this ALCO S-4 switcher. A former B&O locomotive, she now belongs to an orginization called STEAM. I was told they are also restoring a steam locomotive and they have several pieces of rolling stock displayed near a building in Minerva.     606 is an ALCO RS-3. With a little research , I found she was built in June, 1953. It's still listed as active. Belonging to Carrollton ,Onida, and Minerva Railroad, this locomotive is ex Spencerville and Elgin 606 and ex- Vermont 601 and ex Vermont 602. More Minerva yard continued next page Back Next