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NBEC History
The first survey for a Quebec-Halifax line dates from back when there was no Canada, but a collection of colonies (notably New Brunswick and Nova Scotia). The Royal Engineers, led by Major Robinson and Lieutenant Henderson, did the survey for the line. The route would be referred to as 'Major Robinson's Line'. They had drawn a route going from Halifax to Truro, then north to Miramichi and the Chaleur Bay, and up the Matapédia Valley to the St. Lawrence. Talks between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia would break down, delaying the construction of this line. Only the section between Halifax and Truro is built. 

From 1857, things would start to shape up. Queen Victoria would name Ottawa as the capital of the Province of Canada. From 1864, the four Maritime Provinces would meet in Charlottetown to discuss about unification. The construction of a line to connect the Maritimes to Quebec and Ontario would become key points in making this unification possible. 

Confederation became a fact on July 1, 1867, having John A. MacDonald as the first prime minister of Canada. After negotiations, the building of what would become Intercolonial Railway becomes reality. $15 million dollars would be promised, and a commission of four would be setup. 

Construction would start in December 1868, and six years later the minister of Public Works would have to take over the project. The 500 miles linking Truro and Trois-Rivières opens to traffic on July 1876, 9 years after Confederation. By this date, the Dominion government would already own the line. By 1917, the Canadian National Railway Company would come into existence, taking over the operation of the Intercolonial Railway. 

With the years traffic dwindled, until the 1990's recession. By then, CN was being privatized, and the ex-crown company was looking for ways to cut spending. On January 19th 1998, CN transfers their line from Moncton, NB and Mont-Joli, Que to the Quebec Railway Corporation. The QRC creates a subsidiary to run the line on the New Brunswick side, notably between Pacific Jct., near Moncton, and Campbellton, NB. The railway would be named the New Brunswick East Coast Railway (NBEC). 

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