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Locomotive Manufacturers

There were many manufacturers of locomotives used on New Zealand bush tramways. Locomotives came from England, Scotland, Australia and the United States while New Zealand contributed from several engineering companies. In addition to these, Kiwi ingenuity also prevailed and not a few lokeys were made in sawmill workshops, not quite from the traditional number eight fencing wire but from an assortment of bits and pieces that just happened to be lying around.

The principal overseas manufacturers were professional locomotive makers who had enjoyed a world renowned reputation for sound and reliable engineering and based their locomotive designs generally on their 'standard' models being turned out for the world's railways and industries. With the exception of the American Climax and Heisler purpose built locomotives, almost all of the imported engines were rod locomotives.

New Zealand inventors were not far behind, however and the bush tramways saw the introduction of geared engines from companies such as A & G Price Ltd., G & D Davidson of Hokitika, Gibbons & Harris Ltd. of Auckland and J. Johnston & Sons, Invercargill. There were other weird contraptions made by bush engineers

Adamson Motor Co.,      Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Alexander Chaplin & Co.      Cranstonhill Engine Works, Glasgow, Scotland
Alexander Shanks & Sons Ltd.,     Arbroath, Scotland
American Locomotive Works (ALCO),      Dunkirk, New Jersey, USA
Anchor Foundry Ltd.      Nelson, NZ
Aveling & Porter Ltd.,      Rochester, EnglandAvonside Engine Works, Bristol, England

W.G. Bagnall Ltd.,      Stafford, England
Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co.,     Kilmarnock, Scotland
Black, Hawthorn & Co. Ltd.,      Gateshead-on-Tyne, England
Charles Burrell & Sons,      Thetford, Norfolk, England
A & T Burt Ltd.      Dunedin, NZ
Brookville Locomotive Co.,      Brookville, Pennsylvania, USA

John Clark,      Hobart, Tasmania
Climax Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,      Corry, Pennsylvania, USA
Conyers & Davidson,      Otago Foundry, Dunedin, NZ - Refer James Davidson & Co.

Davenport Locomotive Works,      Davenport, Iowa, USA
Davey, Paxman & Co. Ltd.,      Colchester, England
James Davidson & Co.,      Otago Foundry, Dunedin, NZ
Dispatch Foundry Co.      Greymouth, NZ
Dorset Ironfoundry Co. Ltd.,      West Quay Road, Poole, Dorset, England
Drewry Car Co.,     Birmingham, England
Dubs & Co.,      Glasgow, Scotland

John Fowler & Co.,      Leeds, England
Fraser, Wischart & Buchanan,      Dunedin, NZ

Heisler Locomotive Works,      Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
F. C. Hibberd & Co. Ltd.,      London, England (Planet)
Henry Hughes & Co.,      Loughborough, England
R.W. Holmes,      Wellington, NZ
Robert Holt & Sons Ltd.,      Napier, NZ
J & F Howard Ltd.,      Bedford, England
Hudswell, Clarke & Co.,      Leeds, England
Hunslet Engine Co.      Leeds, England. Hunslet Barclay Ltd. 1988. (Now Aurica group 1992)
Hunt & Opie,      Victoria Foundry, Ballarat, Australia

J. Johnston & Sons Ltd.,     Invercargill, NZ

Kerr Stuart & Co. Ltd.      California Works, Stoke-on-Trent, England
Kincaid & McQueen,      Vulcan Foundry, Dunedin
Kitson & Co.,      Airedale Foundry, Leeds, England

Manning, Wardle & Co.,      Boyne Engine Works, Leeds, England
Marshall, Sons & Co.     Britannia Iron Works, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England.
H.E. Melhop & Co.      Invercargill, NZ
Merryweather & Sons Ltd.,     Greenwich, England
E. W. Mills,      Lion Foundry, Wellington, NZ
Motor Rail & Tramcar Co. Ltd.,      Bedford, England (Simplex)

Nasmyth, Wilson & Co. Ltd.,      Manchester, England
Neilson & Co.,      Glasgow, Scotland
New Zealand Railways,      Addington, Chistchurch, NZ
J.J. Niven & Co.,      Wellington, NZ

Bill Oates,      Okarito, Westland, NZ

Peckett & Sons Ltd.,      Atlas Works, Bristol, England
H.K. Porter Company, Inc.,     Pittsburgh, USA.
A & G Price Ltd.,      Thames, NZ

Rail Tractors Ltd.     Wellington, NZ
Robey & Co. Ltd.,      Lincoln, England
Thomas Robinson & Co.      Soho Foundry, Ballarat, Australia
Thomas Robinson & Son Ltd.,      Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Ruston & Hornsby Ltd.      Lincoln, England

O. W. Smith,      Mamaku, NZ
R.S. Sparrow & Co.      Dunedin, NZ
Robert Stephenson & Co. Ltd.,      Newcastle-on-Tyne, England

Union Foundry,      Stratford, NZ

Vulcan Foundry Ltd.,      Newton-le-Willows, England

R.T. Watson     Charming Creek, Westland, NZ
Wilson Bros.      Invercargill, NZ
Yorkshire Engine Co. Ltd.,      Sheffield, England