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Department of Motor Vehicles
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

Department of Motor Vehicles

Pacific Fruit Express truck and trailer

Total number of register vehicles: 477

includes 77 containers and 113 trailers

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Class 1

Beverage Trucks: 1
Box Vans: 3
Flatbed Trucks: 3
Semi Tractors: 40
Class 1
Truck Trailers

Bottom Dump: 6
Container Chassis: 9
Dry Van: 50
Flatbed: 9
Refrigerated: 11
Trailer Dollies: 8
Containers: 118
Class 2 

School Buses: 1
Tour Buses: 3

Class 2 

Back Hoes: 1
Bucket Lift Trucks: 1
Bulldozers: 7
Cement Mixers: 3
Cranes: 1
Dump Trucks: 4
Excavators: 2
Graders: 1
Scrapers: 1
Steamrollers: 1
Water Trucks: 1
Wheel Loaders: 4

Class 2 

Container Cranes: 3
Fork Lifts: 2
Inspection Vehicles:1
Pallet Stackers: 2
Snow Groomers: 1
Tractors: 8

Class 2
Emergency and Government Vehicles

Ambulances: 1
Fire Trucks: 8
Police Cars: 2
Snow Plows: 1
Tow Truck: 1

Class 3 
Passenger Cars

Automobiles: 69
Class 3
Pick-Ups, SUVs, Vans

Pick Up Trucks: 7
Sport Utility Vehicles: 9
Vans: 1
Class 3
Recreational Vehicles

Camper Trailers: 4
Motorhomes: 3

Class 3
Off Highway Vehicles and Snow Mobiles

Monster Trucks: 2
Snow Mobiles: 2
NASCAR Stock Cars: 2
Class 4 

Motorcycles: 11
Quad Runners: 2
Class 5 

Catamarans: 1
Jet Skies: 1
Row Boats: 2
Sailboats: 1
Ski Boats: 1
Wind Boards: 1


California Highway Patrol pulls over a speeding corvette    Ever since The California Highway Patrol arrived on the layout, strict vehicular code enforcement has been applied.  Major offenses which call for immediate removal of offending vehicle: vehicles with no drivers which have been reportedly zooming down the streets, also vehicles with no interiors.  Other infractions include no mirrors, no mud flaps etc.  Speeders and drunk drivers better watch out also.


This Road Champ's Peterbuilt had it's Hot Wheels replaced with scale size tires and wheels from A-Line. 

Other details including mirrors, wipers, mud flaps, lights and reflectors are added and painted.   The drivers and other workers here are all custom hand painted by myself.

The Athearn cab over's have interiors made from Tyco cabs.  The Athearn conventionals have a driver glued to the ceiling or back wall.   This is a good way to show an interior without actually having one.


Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

Front Office - LWSF RR
Rolling Stock
Passenger Service
Track Plan

Along the Line - Scenic Route - LWSF RR
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Sports Pub and West Side Intermodal Yard
West Side
4th of July Pool Party
North End
Fall in the Foothills
Ice Skating on Lone Wolf Mountain
Wolf Mountain
Camping on Sand Mountain
Sand Mountain
Safeway Distribution Center
High Desert
sooner or later


Super Chief east

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