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Animal Control on the Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Layout
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

Animal Control

If people make the model railroad come alive then animals make the model people come alive.  There are over 100 animals on the layout.  There is a wide variety including some which you would expect and some which are a little different, but not out of place.  There are dogs and cats everywhere, with plenty of cows, horses, and piggies.  There is wild life and then there is the unusual: A lion lives at the Lion Rescue sanctuary which is next to the rails.  It's a retirement home for show business big cats.  A couple of elephants live there too.  There is a great white shark on it's way to star in a movie. And Bigfoot has been sighted up on Wolf Mountain. OK, that shark sighting was just a rumor.  The sharks are in the ocean and can be seen offshore near San Clemente.

black cats
Black cats inside a house on Halloween

Horses in the corral
Horses in the corral

A bull at the Bullshit Ranch

dog finds snake
A dog finds a snake in a tent

Opossum eating oranges in the orange groves
Opossum eating oranges in the orange groves

bigfoot stalks man in forest
Bigfoot stalks a man in the forest

Cats 11
Dogs 11
Horses 28
Donkeys 3
Cattle 8
Sheep 26
Chicken 1
Pigs 6
Lions 1
Elephant 3
Total 98

Bats 2
Bears 1
Cougars 2
Coyotes 1
Deer 4
Dragon 1
Fish 4
Frogs 3
Mtn Goats 4
Opossum 2
Rabbits 2
Rattle Snakes. 2
Sasquatch 1
Sharks 3
Yeti 2
Total 32
Praying Mantis 1
Tarantulas 2
Total 3


Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

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