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Items from Other Scales Usable in S

Minnesota Heartland Railroad
Rev. 11/15/01
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Dear S Modeler,
     Our friends in HO have a problem; some HO items are TOO BIG.
         Our friends in O have a problem; some O items are TOO SMALL.
               We in S can help them with their problems; some of these items are JUST RIGHT for S.
      The purpose of HO>>S<<Ois to help YOU take advantage of these JUST RIGHT items.

            Rolling Stock and Trackwork
Structures, Scenery, and Supplies

If you have any other information about non-S items that are usable in S, or URL's for photos of any of these items, please send me that information for adding to these pages.  Thanks, Ted Larson, Minnesota Heartland Railroad, Eastern Division
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