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MHRR - S Scale Vehicles

Minnesota Heartland Railroad

S Scale Vehicles  (pre-1966)
Rev. July 3, 2006

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The primary purpose of these pages is to help you know what S scale vehicles are available at your favorite store, train show, flea market, or on-line auction (such as e-Bay).  The emphasis is on out of production model vehicles, however I do have information on some currently produced models.  I also include photos of real vehicles to provide prototype information that will help you add detail to your S scale vehicles, and I will include links to other vehicle websites as I obtain them.

Unfortunately, there are many vehicles labeled "1/64th" scale that are quite a bit oversize or undersize.  You will need to use your judegement regarding what is "close enough" for you.  Since the end of WWII and possibly before that, full size cars and light trucks have been about 6 feet wide (1-1/8").  Older cars and smaller modern cars typically are as narrow as 5-1/2 feet, and luxury cars are up to 6-1/2 feet wide.  Large trucks are 8 feet wide (1-1/2").   For some vehicles, I have measured the prototype and the model to verify the scale of the model.  For others, I simply used my eye.  I consider the model correct if it looks correct relative to other vehicles that I know to be S scale.  A die-cast Cadillac, Chevy, and Corvair might be all the same size, even though the real vehicles vary substantially in size.  This is unacceptable to me.  I find that if a vehicle is +/- 1/32" of the correct width, it does not look wrong.  If you are out shopping, carry a transparent plastic ruler to help you measure the vehicle width through the packaging. 

If you know of S scale vehicles that are not listed or have model or prototype photos of vehicles which I don't have, please inform me, for example, I know that I am missing some of the newer Ertl vehicles, I am missing MANY Johnny Lightning vehicles, and I have not checked post-1965 vehicles for size accuracy, therefore they are not listed.  Also, note that there is MUCH accurate farm machinery and construction equipment from Ertl and others that I'm not listing here.  Enjoy!

I have stated the production years for many vehicles.  This information comes from the manufacturer's label or is based on photos in the "American Truck Spotters Guide 1920 - 1970", Tad Burness, 1978, TL230.B84, ISBN 0-87938-040-3.

Photos By Ted Larson unless otherwise noted.
Thanks to Gene Musselman for the MANY truck show photos.


Vehicles - Page 1
Racing Champions and Revell
Vehicles - Page 2
Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars and Small Trucks
Vehicles - Page 3
Johnny Lightning and Ertl Cars and Small Trucks
Vehicles - Page 4
Hartoy and Ertl Large Trucks
Vehicles - Page 5
Winross Trucks
Vehicles - Page 6
Matchbox, Ralstoy, & Midgetoy Trucks
Vehicles - Page 7
Corgi-Lledo (Days Gone By), & Yatming Trucks
Vehicles - Page 8
Miscellaneous and Road Champs Trucks
Vehicles - Page 9
Miscellaneous Construction
Vehicles - Page 10 Aurora Trucks

MANY currently available S scale heavy trucks, including manufacturers that I've not listed.     

Thanks to Don T.

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