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Oklahoma Free-Mo

Oklahoma Free-mo

Thank you for your interest in this exciting innovation in modular railroading.
Free-mo continues to grow in the Southern Plains, including here in Oklahoma. New modules are under construction, and group members have been participating in recent joint setups with groups in Texas and Kansas. We are looking forward to setting up with large multi-group setups in the future. Be sure to check out our events page for deatils! You may also want to check out the latest on construction of new modules underway in our group.

Oklahoma Free-Mo is a "non-traditional" model railroad club. We are an association of modelers in central Oklahoma building to the HO scale Free-Mo standards. The group exists to promote the hobby of prototypical model railroading and the Free-mo concept, to insure that modules meet the Free-mo standards, and to coordinate and participate in Free-mo layouts around the region. We are actively seeking individuals of all skill levels interested in prototype modeling using the Free-mo format. Membership in this dues free association is open to all those who adhere to our guidelines and standards .

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