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April 24, 2014
OKC Train and Hobby Show approaching

OK Free-mo is preparing for our setup at the Train and Hobby Show at the Oklhahoma State Fairgrounds on May 3-4. We have a 25 foot by 25 foot space and are planning on a U shaped layout featuring new, reworked and modules previously unshown in Oklahoma.

April 19, 2014
OKC Free-mo at Cherokee Strip Show in Enid

Ok Free-mo members have been quietly building away and have set up at a few events outside of Okahoma since our last big setup. Depsite efforts to repeat a large layout at or near the OKC December show, we have been unsuccessful in finding a space. Today, OK Free-mo setup a small switching layout in Enid. The show is in a great venue with lots of room to grow. We had a fun time switching trains and talking to lots of people curious about the standard. We are looking forward to the possibility of a larger setup at next years show, as well as possibly a few new members of OK Free-mo! There will likely be a few tweeks, but we are excited by the operating possibilites of the layout.

December, 2011
OKC Free-mo Event - Huge Success

Overall this setup was a huge success. Some inaccuracies between the dimensions given and the actual modules caused some last minute plans to the layout. Tenacity and patience allowed us to fit all of the modules in the space available. The layout operated extremely well and we had a lot of positive comments from those who ventured to the Open House held Saturday evening. We had a good mix of vendors, manufacture reps, and members of other clubs. Photos and video are at the links below.
CenTexRails "railfan" video of the layout
Perry Lambert Photo Gallery
Ryan Harris Photo Gallery

November 18, 2011
OKC Free-mo Event -Final Draft Layout Plan Published

We have had a few people join the setup, and a few modules have to withdraw. After some rework, we have developed the final draft of the plan for the Free-mo event this December. There will likely be a few tweeks, but we are excited by the operating possibilites of the layout.

November 5, 2011
OKC 2011 Free-mo Event - Publicity Update

We are getting good publicity for OKC 2011. Earlier this week the November/December issue of Cowcatcher Magazine was mailed to subscribers and hobby shops in the region. The first story in the issue is on our event. "OKC Train Show will take on Free-mo flavor this year" is on page six. Also, today we distributed posters and postcards advertising the setup to OKC area hobby shops. The back side contains the specific dates and hours, as well as direcions to the setup. Hopefully this will help draw some additional interest to our Free-mo setup.

October 9, 2011
OKC Free-mo Event -First Draft Layout Plan Published

Today are proud to unveil the first draft of the layout plan for the Free-mo event this December. As anticipated, interest in this years event remains high. While the room looks full, we can still fit in a few more modules. We are also in negotiations for a larger space for the event. So, if you are a module owner who would like to participate, please let us know.

August 29, 2011
OKC Setup Announced

Today OK Free-mo confirmed that the group will be hosting a multi-group layout in conjunction with the OKC Train Show December 3-4. Due to limited space at the fairpark venue, the group will once again setup at the Crossroads Mall using spaced donated by the South Canadian Model Railraod Club. Some setup will take place the eveing of Thursday December 1, with addtional setup on Friday Dec. 2. After the success of the setup at the Ark City Show last May, there is increased interest amongst members of other groups to participate in this setup, and the group is looking forward to hosting an impressive layout.

May 20-22, 2011
Ark City Train Show

On May 20-22 OK Free-mo member Adam Eastman joined with Free-mo groups from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Nebraska to setup and impressive layout at the Ark City Train Show in Arkansas City, KS. The large multi-group layout was the largest in the Southern Plains Region to date, and one of the largest Free-mo layouts assembled east of the Rockies, only surpassed by the layouts at the National Train Show. The layout featured two return loops at either end of the layout with several long passing sidings. A junction module created a third leg which terminated at the North Texas groupís Saginaw Yard. The layout ran well and the participants are looking forward to the next regional meet in OKC this December. Click for pictures, video and a layout plan.
Ark City Free-mo

December 4-5, 2010
OKC Train Show

OK Free-mo sponsored it first major setup. With space graciously provided the South Canadian Model RR Club, members of Free-mo groups in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas assembled a layout for the show. Because show space at the OKC fairgrounds was at a premium, the club opted to setup in the regular club space used by the South Canadian Club in the Crossroads mall. The mall venue proved to be a big hit. We had ample space and easy access to the layout. The layout was secure overnight behind locking gates. We had light foot traffic from regular mall patrons, but did not feel pressured to keep a parade of trains constantly moving to please the train show crowd. Most of the participants easily found time to visit the main train show a short drive away and shop for bargains. We also had several visitors from the show come to visit the layout. Click for for pictures, and a layout plan.
OKC 2010

June 5, 2010
OK Free-mo Group Build

Saturday June 5 several members of OK Free-mo worked on new modules. Don Hodges participated in a pre-build session on May 29 to construct a prototype module with a new technique using hollow core door panels. The panels were obtained without cost, and thus the group theorized they could reduce the costs of constructing benchwork and speed the process.
Todd Jenson joined Adam Eastman on June 5, to construct additional modules. Over the summer the group will be continuing to work on these and more modules. Don is planning on a module featuring the Norman depot. Todd's module will feature a plastic pellet facility. Group member Kurt Konrath, who's schedule wouldn't let him participate at this build session, will be putting together several modules to depict a large steel mil using Walthers kits. Adamís new modules will feature a simplified version described on the groupís website

May 22-23, 2010
Cowtown Free-mo & Prototype Modelers Meet

North Texas Free-mo sponsored the first annual Cowtown Free-mo and Prototype Modelers Meet. Taking its name from the stock industry which historically dominated in nearby Fort Worth, Texas the group held the meet in the nearby suburb of Keller, Texas. The event marked the third setup for the North Texas Free-mo group which is only about 18 months old. Several new modules debuted at the event including a large, beautifully sceniced, passing siding set by Dave Dane and a new yard being built the group. Also new were the first modules of a set depicting Southern Plains Ethanol, and another featuring a large rock quarry, and a third featuring a large scratchbuilt bascule bridge. OK Free-mo member Adam Eastman traveled down for the event with both his Brush Creek and May Ave modules in tow.
Photos of the event can be found at:

November 7-8, 2009
1st Annual Mid Continent Prototype Modelers Meet

Over the weekend SOKS (Southern Kansas) Free-mo sponsored the first annual Mid- Continent Prototype Modelers Meet. The meet was held in the Wichita area in the nearby community of Benton. A number of modelers from around the region and country made this an impressive RPM meet. Numerous high quality models were on display and SOKS fielded a large layout. Oklahoma Free-mo member Adam Eastman participated in the setup, making it a multi-group affair.
Photos of the event can be found at and

Sept 4-5, 2009
North Texas Inaugural Setup

Over Labor Day weekend North Texas Free-mo, less than 10 old, setup their first layout. The layout featured significant and impressive modules, made even more so given the fact the group is less than a year old. Participation by Oklahoma Free-mo group member Adam Eastman also made their first setup a true multi-group affair. The success of the weekend has the two groups looking forward to future opportunities to setup together, hopefully involving yet more groups along the burgeoning I-35 Free-mo nexus.

July 22, 2009
First Mid Continent RPM Meet Announced.

We are very excited to receive the official announcement for this event and are making plans for OK Free-mo modules to attend this event!

July 3, 2009
Membership Drive Underway

OK Free-mo members Todd Jenson and Adam Eastman distributed the first flyers to local hobby shops as the group looks to actively recruit more members. Subsequent visits have been made to other hobby shops and train clubs in the OKC metro area. During this trip, Adam and Todd also stopped to photograph and document the area that will become Adam's next module set.

June 2, 2009
First North Texas Free-mo Meet Announced.

We are very excited to be invited to the first North Texas Meet. Full details have been posted on our events page. This will be an informal, private meet the Friday and Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. Adam Eastman of OK Free-mo will be taking his two modules down for the event.

December 6, 2008
Southern Plains Free-mo Gathering

A group of more than twenty Free-mo modelers from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and New Mexico met this Satruday during the OKC Train Show to discuss the future of Free-mo in the Southern Plains. With the newly formed North Texas Free-mo group gaining steam, the future of Free-mo along the I-35 corridor looks bright. After brief introductory remarks by OK Free-mo member Adam Eastman who organized the gathering, those assembled introduced themselves and their interests. The small crowd also heard updates on the ongoing activities of each group, as well as upcoming opportunites for joint setups.

Fall 2008
Work Progresses on OK Free-mo modules

OK Free-mo members have been gathering at the home of Adam Eastman on Tuesday nights to work on modules. Adam is completing the final scenery on his 45 degree curve module named Brush Creek. Additionally group members have been working on a four foot scenery module laying track and wiring the module to Free-mo standards. The module will feature a highway bridge based on the May Avenue bridge on the former Fisco line in SW Oklahoma City. This module will serve as part of a larger set of module to form a switching layout. Nearby industries and a siding will form the other sections of the set. Because of Adam's school schedule the group will take a break after November, but begin work again late next spring.

December 3, 2007
Oklahoma Free-mo raises Free-mo Banner at OKC Train Show

Over the weekend, Okalahoma Free-mo participated in the OKC Train Show. The group was given space to display a module and pass out informational literature on Oklahoma Free-mo and the Free-mo standards. Group member Adam Eastman presented a clinic and used his module to discuss the various aspects of the standard and the benefit of the Free-mo concept. Almost 17,000 people attended the two day show which featured a dozen large modular layouts and nearly one hundred vendors. While it was tough to attract attention to a single module, several individuals expressed an interest in the concept. Time will tell if this effort will bear any fruit, but group members are hopeful.

November 12, 2007
Oklahoma Free-mo yahoo group launched. Website Updated. Active Solicitation of Prospective Members.

Today, founding member Adam Eastman took action to move Oklahoma Free-mo from passive goal to reality.

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