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While it is physically possible, in practical terms no two Free-mo layouts are ever the same. Because of the flexibility provided by the point-to-point design, the standard is highly conducive to allowing groups and individual modelers to come together and assemble a layout for any given event. Thus the design of each layout is dictated by both the space available and the modules participating.

This is also what has allowed Free-mo to really thrive and succeed in the Southern Plains. For example, while we currently only have a few individuals building modules in Oklahoma, the event we sponsored in 2011 brought together modelers from around the region to create a truly massive layout. Again and again, Free-mo groups in the Southern Plains are proving the concept, showing what happens when many modelers come together for an event. While we did not have an opportunity to setup during the OKC show in 2012 or 2013, other groups within a few hours have sponsored events that have allowed up to participate in large layouts. The flexibility of the Free-mo standard also allows us to setup small, but effective and enjoyable switching layouts using just the modules from group members.


Drawings of some of the layouts we have sponsored.

Oklhoma City, December 2011

Oklahoma City, December 2010


ModuleModule OwnerDescription
Brush CreekAdam Eastman A 45 degree module with a 48 inch radius mainline. A two span girder bridge (Micro Engineering with wood ties) carries the mainline over Little Brush Creek. The scenery base is a combination of foam and plaster cloth. Scenery materials used include sifted dirt and, an assortment of Woodland Scenics and AMSI Ground Foams. The brush material is WS clump foliage and AMSI Terrain Brush (2030 Riverbank Brush). The grass was made using carpet fiber.
May Avenue BridgeAdam Eastman. A 4 foot straight, single track module. This depicts the May Avenue Bridge on the Stillwater Central (nee BNSF, nee BN, nee Frisco) line in Oklahoma City. The module is the first in the OKC Project, inspired by Trevor Marshall's Peterburo Project. The goal is to model a portion of this line as switcing layout using the Free-mo standards.
Jenson PlasticsTodd Jenson A 81.5 straight module built using hollow door construction. The module features two sigings, one on each side of the mainline. One siding serves a plastic facitlity and the other side serves a building matierals supplier.
Oklahoma MillingKurt Konrath A six foot straight module with a spur servicing a flour mill.

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