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B&O Old Main Line Photos - FAQ

B&O Photo Tours - FAQ

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about my photo pages. Your comments and questions are welcome. Send them to Steve.

Why did you create these pages?

But, there are lots of railroad pictures on the Web...

What else is different about your photo pages?

Why isn't the page content fancier, with automated comments and such?

Do you make money from this site, such as from the ads at top?

What if I find a broken link?

When I click to a new page, the page bottom displays rather than the top.

What equipment do you use?

Isn't it dangerous obtaining these photos?

What about dangerous areas?

What's the Area rating with each photo?

Why don't the ADC map coordinates match?

Can I walk through tunnels and cross bridges?

I would like to create a similar tour for a railroad in my region.

Any photography tips?

What season is best for train photography?

What should I do when a train approaches?

How do you organize your photos?

Why are your photos here not at a higher resolution?

What are those letter/number train designations I hear about?

Do you guide tours?

Is railfanning dead due to security issues?

Any other reason for these pages?

How did you first get interested in trains?

How do I link to a particular photo?

Do many people view this site?

Anything else?

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