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CPR Trenton Division

Oshawa and Belleville Subdivisions

D10h 1049 MLW 52066 12/1912 in Oshawa October 21, 1936 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

2807 eastbound time card freight passing a local job.
Belleville 3/16/1946 Donald M. Wilson/James A. Brown Collection

3722 would later go on to "fame" as the last Lambton steam engine to work freight out of Port Mc.Nicoll April 30, 1960.
Belleville 12/01/1945 Donald M. Wilson/James A. Brown Collection

2390 is "displaying signals" (green flags) and running as a section of a time table freight.
Fireman appears to be looking back for signal from conductor or brakeman to proceed.
Trenton July 1949 Bud Laws Collection

Here we see Lambton's only G2 class engine 2664 backing onto its train the Trenton Pickup in Lambton Yard. Ordered around 9:00 A.M. Usually a G1 class engine the 2203 worked this assignment with engineer Alf Moore. 2664 was long dispatched on the Fraxa (frax-ee) Pickup, the afternoon Lambton-Orangeville assignment ordered around 3:00 P.M.
Monday, November 9, 1959 Bob Shaw

2664 Trenton Pickup, a regular assignment, (running as a Fourth Class freight) departs from Lambton Yard eastbound to Trenton doing setoffs and lifts at various locations along the Oshawa Subdivision as far as Trenton a terminal point. The crew will then go off duty and right back on duty for two days pay per roundtrip! No wonder it attracted senior men!
Monday, November 9, 1959 Bob Shaw

Extra 999 West crossing the West Don River between Donlands and Leaside. 2/11/1959 James A.Brown
Note the combination pilot. The CPR's answer to providing yard engine footboards on a road engine.
This D-10 is a one-time DAR engine.

Second Class (likely 902) eastbound from Lambton with 2408 a St.Luc engine being assisted by 2659 a London engine!
Sunday, July15,1956 Toronto Public Library/James V. Salmon Collection

This was an unusual situation as normally both engines would be Lambton power.
The train (displaying no signals) was ordered as "Push Out" meaning it would be
waiting at Leaside having already assisted an earlier train "Up Wexford" to Agincourt.

3649 a "Push Out" laying over between assists.

Extra 5161 East (from Trenton) passing Leaside yard. Saturday April 9, 1955
Toronto Public Library/James V. Salmon Collection

G3h 2427 brand new just out of Canadian Locomotive's works in Kingston having arrived on the CNR mainline since the old K&P out of Kingston could not handle such heavy locomotives to reach Tichborne the CPR Belleville Subdivision. Shown here on the interchange track at Belleville just before entering CPR track at the diamond on the CNR city spur to the harbour running southwest from Belleville Station involving street running on Pinnacle Street. Looks like two men are inspecting the journals on the tender trailing truck. Note that this engine (one of 20 ordered) has the Worthington Feed Water heater in place of the usual Elesco. October 1944 Donald M. Wilson/James A.Brown Collection

Extra 5142 West blasting through Leaside toward West Toronto yard. The station is out of view to the right far side.
This train may have come from Havelock as the return movement of Number 90 (see above). c.1957 Jim Parker

H1a 2807 complete with smoke deflectors. MLW 68065 12/1929 Belleville April 1945 Bud Laws Collection

P1d 5113 working in Oshawa. CPR 9/1912 September 15, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

D10c 774 on a local freight switching in Oshawa, Ont. May 21,1940. CPR #1451 3/1906 Bud Laws Collection

Nothing glamourous about this old 3400 downgraded to a yard engine but, it got the job done.
M4d 3427 58" drivers 36% t.e. Schenectady 30279 10/1904
Trenton, July 1947 Al Paterson/Bruce Chapman Collection

Another yard engine, 3507 finished up steam yard service in July of 1959. Robert Curry Collection.

Trenton Pick Up, eastbound at Agincourt, switching International Waxes. 9.30 a.m. January 7, 1959.
2662 is a G2 class 4-6-2 Pacific type. Photo by Bob Shaw

Extra 2206 West just west of Leaside with Automobile box cars (CP 294893 next to engine). These are 40 foot cars with
15 foot double doors, hundreds of which were just built in 1957, those with white stripe on door indicates equipped with
Evans Auto Loader device which raised an automobile up towards the roof in each end of car to doubledeck them.
This is likely the Trenton Pickup returning home. 2206 was the regular engine on this assignment with engineer Alf Moore.
August 22, 1957 W. G. Carruthers

Last steam powered freight train leaves Lambton.

For more than 20 years, 815 was the yard engine at Peterboro. When MLW delivered 6589 a new 660 HP S-3 diesel on
July 19, 1957 it was sent to Peterboro to replace the 815. Shown in 1960 at Lambton shop track, in charge of a hostler,
with contractor's employee about to coal her up. Made her last run Sunday, May 1st.1960 on the Tripleheader excursion.
Dick George photo/Al Paterson Collection.



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