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Universal Resource Recovery

615 Rusholme Rd.

CN Stanford Sub. Welland Tube Spur

Formerly Welland Pipe, Stelco, Stel Pipe, Welland Tube, originally Page-Hersey Tubes.

Universal operated a green bin waste recovery operation in a mixed residential/industrial area.
It was shutdown and permanently closed June 2011.
In 2012 it reopened as a division of Brampton Brick (50/50 venture)
and sold granite and quartz countertops. It too soon failed.
Another operation was announced in May 2013 and PowerBlades (a German company)
made windmill blades. It was short-lived and ended November 2015.

Universal Resource Recovery once again appears to be in business. March 2019.

Universal 615 (numbered for street address of plant!). 3/17/2009 Highway 140 Arnold W. Mooney

Rail Services

615 Rusholme Rd. Welland

Rail car repair and painting, car storage etc.

MRS 615 (acq. 3/2002) ex Stelpipe 7 nee STELCO 53. 80-ton GE 30817 12/1950
Originally CASO double track mainline westbound approaching Highway 140
with cars from Southern Yard. Welland 1/13/2014 Dave Burroughs

HEPX 79640 (ex CN)

Port of Thunder Bay TBPX 007 (ex CN



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