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Universal Resource Recovery

615 Rusholme Rd.

CN Stanford Sub.

Formerly Welland Pipe, Stelco, Stel Pipe, Welland Tube, originally Page-Hersey Tubes.

Universal operated a green bin waste recovery operation in a mixed residential/industrial area.
It was shutdown and permanently closed June 2011.
In 2012 it reopened as a division of Brampton Brick (50/50 venture)
and sold granite and quartz countertops. It too soon failed.
Another operation was announced in May 2013 and PowerBlades (a German company)
made windmill blades. It was short-lived and ended November 2015.

Universal Resource Recovery once again appears to be in business. March 2019.

Martech Rail Services

615 Rusholme Rd. Welland

Rail car repair and painting, car storage etc.

MRS 615 (acq. 3/2002) ex Stelpipe 7 nee STELCO 53. 80-ton GE 30817 12/1950
Originally CASO double track mainline westbound approaching Highway 140
with cars from Southern Yard. Welland 1/13/2014 Dave Burroughs

HEPX 79640 (ex CN)

Port of Thunder Bay TBPX 007 (ex CN



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