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General Motors of Canada

GM 1 in its new 50th Anniversary paint scheme. See below for earlier EMD paint scheme.
GM 1 EMD SW1001 acq. /1994 (ex EMD 117) #797355-1 12/1979

Subsequent owner: ESSO Polymers, Sarnia 11/2012 thru Lambton Diesel Specialists (D).

GM 1 EMD SW1001 acq. /1994 (ex EMD 117) #797355-1 12/1979
London, August 18, 1996 Gord Strathdee

Relocated 1994 to EMD Corwith maintenance facility Chicago.

DDGM 57 still in TH&B paint scheme. (acq. 5/23/1989, ex TH&B 57) SW9 1200 hp GMD A123 12/1950
10/28/1989 Bruce Mercer/Joseph Testagrose Collection.

Note: Upgraded with 645 engine parts by TH&B.

GMDH3 (diesel hydraulic 3 axle powered) 275 hp 38-ton GMD A1813 1/1960 Only one built.
This demonstrator was sold 10/1963 to Mc.Kinnon Industries, a GM subsidiary in St.Catharines.

Diesel Division General Motors 102 (ex ETR 102) acq. still in its ETR paint scheme.
London 7/8/1977 John Lameck/Sam Beck Collection

102 repainted in full DD-GM paint scheme. Note the buffers on front of unit.
London 9/29/1981 John Lameck/Sam Beck Collection

DD-GM 113 ex EMD 113 (La Grange) acq. 11/1975 SW1500 EMD 37436 4/1971

Sold 8/1977 to ETR 107 in trade for SW8 ETR 102

This exchange was made due to problems with 113 on sharp track curvature in London plant.

EM 57 (GMD acq. 5/23/1989, nee TH&B 57) SW9 1200 hp GMD A123 12/1950
McCook IL 10/23/2005 Ken Lanovich

EM 57 switching GM 92 test bed SD89MAC 12-265H 4500 hp 6/2000
McCook IL 10/23/2005 Ken Lanovich

Diesel Division, General Motors of Canada Ltd. 0069, EMD SW900, #19703 2/1955.
nee Buick Division of GM (Flint, MI) 818. London, Aug. 23/1992 Gord Strathdee

DDGM 0069 in its 50th Anniversary paint scheme. London, August 14, 2000 Gord Strathdee

GMD 1001 plant switcher. London plant tour for GM Oshawa employees 1969
Clayton Morgan/Doug Hately Collection

GMD 1001 working hard (only one engine working?) to move new CP Rail SD40.
March 25, 1972.Gord Strathdee

GMDH-1 600 HP (two 6 cyl.110) 52 tons A1597 12/1956 as demonstrator unit. (Dubbed the Blue Goose).
It has Allison torque converters, (same as RDC's). It became plant switcher in April 1958, was retired in November 1975 and donated to T&Y Div. CRHA 7/1977. It is now stored at the Canada Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa.


1001 shown here with buffers to handle export order.
Note Farr air filter box added to right of cab. 1974 Al Howlett

1001 out of service due to being too small for moving heavier diesel units being built.
Bob Green/John Soehner Collection

GMD 1001 testing with CPR Dynamometer car 62. L.B.Chapman Collection LBC 834.

600 GMDH-1 A1713 9/1958 600 hp hydraulic unit
It was eventually sold 5/1962 to Federal Railways of Brazil.
No other 600 hp units were built aside from 1001.


EMD covered wagons pre-GMD

GMD 801-800 at Lambton shop track. April 1961. R.L.Kennedy

Small diesel-hydraulic units were tried by GMD but, they were unable to develop a market for them.
The biggest were two 800 HP units (A1811 9/1959, A1812 10/1959) which were tested for some
weeks on the CPR Galt Sub. between Lambton and Woodstock on local freight trains 73 and 74.

600 GMDH-1 A1713 9/1958 600 HP hydraulic unit testing/demonstrating on St.Marys Sub. in 1958.
Bill Thomson

Eventually sold 5/1962 to Federal Railways of Brazil. No other 600 hp units were built aside from 1001.

See also: St.Catharines

Subsequent owners



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