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Other Uses of Rolling Stock

British Columbia

CPR S.S. Moyie sternwheeler preserved next to CP 437092 caboose. Kaslo, BC

Note: Moyie was the last sternwheeler of CPR British Columbia Lake and River Services.
It was retired after its last voyage April 27, 1957.


. Vegreville

Elks/Kimsmen Park Highway 16A east
RV and tent sites, trout pond etc.

CN 79458 is opne daily. In the background is the world's largest Pysanka Easter Egg.


CN 79256 acq. c.2006HS-CN 6/1967 River Park Campground
Melita 8/08/2014 Steve Boyko

Note: The CN identity covered over with painting. Melita was on CP Estavan Sub. only, no CN!


CP 434540 acq. 1992. Angus 12/1975. Arbor Park, MacTier. October 11, 2008.
Located next to the public library 12 Muskoka Rd. at Station Street.
Open with volunteer members MacTier Railroad Heritage Society.
Model railway located near arena at 53B Haig St. behind Medical Centre.

THB 71 (acq. 7/2006) as B&B at Puddicombe Estate Farms and Winery, Winona, Ontario

Note: A 2 foot gauge park train operates here.

TH&B 71 (acq. 1987) beautifully restored and privately owned at PSTR in Port Stanley. 8/2004

CN 78491 beautifully restored and privately owned at PSTR.
Relocated by same owner to private residence.

CN 78491 lettered for fictitious Nith River, Grand Valley and Southern.
Privately owned, nicely restored inside and used as a poker club room!
Located on disused short siding on LE&N alongside Highway 24 (Water Street).
Cambridge, ON September 1, 1988

Note: Relocated 7/1990 to industry siding in Oakville by same owner an executive of the company.
He later upgraded to ex CP Business Car 10 and later still ex FEC Saint Lucie Sound
a stainless steel observation car! It later went to Cuyahoga Valley Scenic in Ohio
operating there and where it is currently undergoing a major interior renovation.

Museums and Private Collections


CN 78884 Mirror and District Museum.

CP 437203 Penhold & District Museum. 1 Waskasoo Ave. Penhold AB 12/13/2006


Private collections not open to the public include Uptergrove Short Line (not even Railway!), Uptergrove ON;
Valleyview Railroad Museum, Thamsford, ON. and others. A private museum that was open to the public until
its recent closure is Memory Junction, Brighton, ON.

Kaministiquia River Heritage Park
Thunder Bay

VIA 6510 (ex CN 6510) FP9A GMD A640 12/1954. 7/16/2019
Note: All acquired 12/1994

VIA 5458 (ex CN 5458) coach CC&F 1954 7/16/2019

VIA 753 (ex CN 753 nee 5563 coach) Cafe-Lounge CC&F 1954 7/16/2019

VIA Estcourt (ex CN Estcourt) Sleeper (4 sections, 8 roomettes, 4 double bedrooms). PS 1954 7/16/2019

Founders' Museum and Pioneer Village
Thunder Bay

CPR Upsala (88 miles west) relocated station. Theresa Milton July 2019

Muskeg Express No.1 Homemade! 7/16/2019

Marina Park, Prince Arthur Landing.
Thunder Bay

Marina Park with Lake Superior in background

CN 78175 acq. 1991 CN Transcona 1929

Memory Junction

CN 78188 (acq. 7/1997 Chamber of Commerce, Trenton; 1993 Doon Heritage Cross Roads, Kitchener)
Brighton, ON August 9, 1999

CP 437136 (acq. 1990) sits in a park setting next to Tourist Information Centre.
555 Elgin Street off Highway 17. White River, ON 8/15/2015

Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society. "Kick and Push" Railway Heritage Park, Sharbot Lake, ON

"CP" 79717 acq. 5/2010 is actually nee CN 79717 CN/PSC 9/1974.
(Ex Ottawa Central 2006-2008, ex Smurfit-Stone Container, Portage-du-Fort, QC, AMXX 79717, 1992-2006).

New Brunswick

Old Train Station Tourist Centre

Model 2851 sits with two "cars" in front of replica station opened 6/2005.
Original station built 1920 demolished Fall 1983.
Mile 65.07 CN St-Quentin Subdivision.
April 8/2010 Steve Boyko

Model appears to be based upon a CPR Royal Hudson.

NBEC 1000 acq. 2009 (ex Abitibi-Consolidated 79593, nee CN 79593) CN-PSC 1972

Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick

Railway exhibits Apohaqui station with Sussex crossing watchman's tower and van CN 79229. 2013

Apohaqui 1860 station (ex CNR ex ICR nee E&NA) recently repainted. June 2017
Note track removed and caboose gone to new owner.

Nova Scotia

CN 5227 (ex 40109, ex VIA 5227 nee CN 5227) CC&F 12/1937
Pier 21 Canadian Museum of Immigration, 1055 Marginal Rd, Halifax. August 2018

Prince Edward Island

Elmira Railway Museum

CN 78431 acq. 11/2019 CN-PSC 3/1943
Ex PEI Railway Heritage Ass'n, Kensington, PEI.
Nee McDonald's, West Royalty, PEI.

Interior of caboose.

CN Elmira station. Mariko Shikawa October 2016

Park train. August 2017 Sylvie Gionet

Motorcar ride. August 2017 Sylvie Gionet

Model railway layout. July 2018 Xia Zhu


Marina Park

CN 6065 TerraTransport acq. 1989 NSC/PSC 2/1965
7/23/2013 Kenneth G. Pieroway





CN 78674 (built CN Moncton 10/1949) Complete with manikin!
Private property in Athelstan. 12/03/2017 Digital restoration; Walter Pfefferle


CN 78120 at the other end of "preservation" it was used by farm workers likely as a bunkhouse.
Strathroy, ON October 29, 1989

CN 78948 Gibson's Express, office for Stittsville Flea Market. 7/12/1989

Paul Puncher Men's Clothier
20 Regina St. South,. Waterloo

Note: Also, owns (acq. 2010) ex CN Waterloo station (nee GTR built 1910) in original location.

CN 79664 (acq. 2/1997)
Private office. October 22, 2000 Pierre Ozorak/Don Mc.Queen collection

Heritage Railway Company
Operates more than a half mile 15" gauge park train ride.
Little Lucy Dalton and Streamliner trains.
Memorial Drive west of Lee Park on the waterfront.
North Bay

CP 434505 (acq. 10/1996) Built CPR/Angus 3/1974.
North Bay. April 28, 1998 Chris Martin/Don Mc.Queen Collection

North Bay Model Railroad Club 13. Prior identity unknown.

New Brunswick

LOFX 79532 acq. 10/1994 (ex CN 79532) CN-PSC 1971 Meductic, NB Steve Boyko
Note: Relocated 2012 near North Bend, BC.

Two private (cottage?) vans on ex CN Centreville Sub. roadbed between Fredericton and Centreville.

LOFX 79750 acq. 1994 (ex CN 79532) CN-PSC 1/1975



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